New & Innovative Wearable Knee Pillow with Adjustable Straps, Leg Pillow & Knee Pillow for Side Sleepers Sciatica, Back, Hip Alignment, Joint Pain Relief, Knee Support, Shredded Memory Foam

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Do you spend all night trying to get comfortable? Do your back, hip, shoulder, neck, and arms ache and you wake up with major pain? Now, finally, a new pillow that addresses all those aches and pains. A Kneed Pillow is a clever cool knee pillow. The only orthopedic pillow that stays in place while sleeping and provides the support and comfort to alleviate pain while you sleep. For leg pain, a kneed pillow like a chiropractic pillow will cushion your legs relieving the stress on your back, hips, and knees and restore your lower back alignment while you were sleeping. Ordinary pillows go flat. Old fashion leg pillows are bulky and never stay in place. A kneed pillow is a pillow for between legs when sleeping which will always stay in place because of our unique straps. It will always stay in place while moving or turning over. For shoulder pain, simply place your arms through the straps and position in place your arm will stay slightly elevated to relieve any shoulder pain it may be experiencing. To use A Kneed Pillow for your neck simply place it in the crook of your neck between your shoulder and your pillow, allowing the stress to be taken off the neck while you sleep. Made of breathable fabric that stays cool, and the removable cover is machine washable. The inner pillow is made of shredded sleep innovations memory foam pillow so it will always stay firm and plump and never go flat. It also has a zipper if you wish to remove any of the foam to suit your needs. When you receive your pillow, place it in the dryer for 3 minutes to fluff up the inner foam. Enjoy the benefits of A Kneed Pillow for real-time pain relief and get that good night’s rest that you deserve.


Memory foam kneed pillow
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