Saviland Poly Nail Gel Kit - Glitter Poly Nail Gel 7 Colors Builder Gel Nail Extension Gel Nail Enhancement Manicure Kit for Gel Polish Starter and Professional Nail Technician Mixed Gift Box Set 1

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Product Description

builder gel
Poly nail gel kit
Glitter poly nail gel kit

How to avoid poly nail gel broken easily?

1. When you apply the base coat, please note that thinner is better. And do remember to cover the tip of the nails when you apply it.

2. Do not cure the base coat for too long or too short(It is normal for a base coat keep a bit sticky after curing so that it could make the next gel coat attach on it more tightly to keep longer lasting ).

3. Please make sure the poly nail gel you add on the nail forms or nail extension sticker not too much , thinner is better and remember to use slip solution to spread the gel completly.

Glitter poly nail gel kit


nail extension gel kit

Polygel nail starter kit

Nail Acrylic kit polygel nail slip solution polygel gel nail starter kit poly gel kit Color changing nail gel
Blue Glitter Series Rainbow Series 1 Glitter Series Rainbow Series 2 Neon Series Color Changing Series
Long lasting
Non toxic
Perfect for manicure starters
Gift box packed
Best Selling
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