Earth & Elm Nourishing Body Oil for men and women: body oil organic moisturizer, body oil for dry skin, vitamin e body oil with essentials oils. A body oil natural 100% USDA Organic with lavender oil.

Product Description

Earth & Elm Nourishing Body Oil is for the health-conscious person seeking a chemical-free skincare solution. Our body oil is derived from nature in its purest form and works in harmony with your body for optimal appearance.

Nourish and soften your skin with this refreshing blend of 100% organic botanical and essential oils. Made from a base of uniquely and diligently sourced organic sweet orange oil and sweet almond oil, this product is filled with vitamins and nutrients at its core. The use of blended organic citrus peel oils and other essential oils helps activate the skin's innate healing mechanism. This remarkably moisturizing oil sinks gracefully into the skin while cleansing the skin of impurities, providing the ideal equilibrium of healing and support for soft, glowing, silky skin. Enjoy the energizing citrus aroma.

Earth & Elm Nourishing Face Oil orange nature


Every ingredient we use spends as little time as possible sitting before being prepared. The ingredients we use don't spend months traveling the globe in preservatives before we receive them. Our farmers take them straight from the plant, cold-press them immediately, and we begin formulating. Minimizing the length and complexity of the sourcing process allows us to avoid the use of harmful preservatives and maintain the integrity and potency of the ingredients


All of our products are handcrafted in small batches by real humans. By producing in small lots, we are able to minimize waste, reduce shelf life (retaining potency), and maintain the purity of the process and ingredients. We believe small batches are crucial to making our products effective and free of harmful preservatives. Our ingredients are handcrafted and hand-mixed using only the highest quality, carefully aged oils.


There are over 10,000 potentially toxic chemicals in cosmetic beauty products that have not been tested. Why keep putting your skin through the roller coaster ride with the next new chemical skincare preparation? We are all going to age, but we can do it naturally and non-chemically. Age gracefully with natural botanical and essential oils that are closest to nature. We believe that nature provides the best answer. Earth & Elm oils were designed to work in harmony with your body for optimal appearance.


We stand behind this product. There is a 90-day, money-back. Shelf life is 15 months unopened and 4 months opened. We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and have been in business since March 2001 with thousands of satisfied customers. We are a small, family business that is committed to bringing you products derived from nature in their purest form with no chemicals or additives of any kind.


We purposely emphasize the purity of our ingredients and the overall simplicity of our formulas because we know nature creates the best products. All of our formulas are designed with ingredients found in nature, preserved in their purest form, and tested for purity. Our products are designed to support the body's natural function and promote healing. By avoiding the use of foreign ingredients like synthetics and chemicals that the body sees as harmful invaders, All Earth & Elm products work harmoniously and synchronously with the body.

Filler free

Chemical free

Synthetic free

Herbicide free

Fungicide free

Carcinogen free

Paraben free

Phthalate free

Synthetic fragrance free

GMO free

Gluten free

Animal cruelty free

Sodium lauryl sulfate free

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