Griply (5 Pieces) Rubber Page Flipper | Rubber Fingers Tips Replacement | Pencil Topper | Rubber Eraser
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Griply (5 Pieces) Rubber Page Flipper | Rubber Fingers Tips Replacement | Pencil Topper | Rubber Eraser
Griply (5 Pieces) Rubber Page Flipper | Rubber Fingers Tips Replacement | Pencil Topper | Rubber Eraser

Product Description

Streamline your paperwork, note-taking, and much more with the Rubber Page Flipper by Griply.

Griply is the leading name in paper grip technology and our newest product, the Rubber Page Flipper, is exactly what you need to make your paper gripping tasks easier. These durable, convenient, pencil toppers can be added directly to your writing utensil to help you grip pages and flip through with ease. You can also erase if needed. Never worry about drying out your fingers, greasy paper grip rub, or paper cuts again. Whether you are taking notes as you read or maintaining paper files, you’ll be able to flip quickly and easily.

Forget other messy, bulky alternatives – Try the modern way!


Constructed with our proprietary blend of latex free rubber materials, the Rubber Page Flipper is durable, efficient, and perfect for gripping the back of your favorite writing utensil. Our unique design creates a strong suction to reliably attach to most size pens and pencils, and our unique rubber material mixture has been improved for erasing. Don’t bother removing your grip to erase mistakes! The perfect complement to our rubber fingers tips!

Griply Page Flippers are great for:

  • Taking Notes In A Book

o Students and literary enthusiasts alike will find their in-book notetaking much easier with page flipper’s efficient, page flipping ability.

  • Sorting Paperwork

o Avoid dry fingertips and papercuts with a grip enhancer that attaches directly to the back of your writing device!

  • Filling Out Forms

o Take your Page Flipper with you everywhere you go and make filling out forms and documents a breeze!

  • Grading Papers

o Teachers will rejoice in how quickly they can mark and sort while grading!

  • Reading The Newspaper

o Mark the classifieds, do a puzzle, or just flip through pages in comfort with Griply Rubber Page Flippers.

  • Many More Paper Handling Needs!


Page Flipper’s durable, latex-free design makes it safe to use for anyone in the office!


Each box contains five (5) durable, gripping page flippers. This innovative product grips pages for easy flipping, erasing mistakes from pencils, and protects you from paper cuts by removing your fingertips from the equation. Attach the Rubber Page Flipper to your favorite pen or pencil and take it with you wherever you go! The stretchy, suctioning opening makes it a perfect fit for the pen, pencil, or writing tool of your choice. They are made from a silicone-free rubber blend that is safe for those with a latex allergy.

Reusable and durable, it is a cost-effective streamlining tool perfect for any office space.

The Griply Rubber Page Flipper Is A Great Alternative To Griply Rubber Fingertip Grips!

Rubber turner rubber page grip rubber eraser grip
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