RANSENERS Vacuum Insulated Bottle, ‘widerBottle’, Stainless Steel Water Bottle, 24 oz, 100% Leakproof, Sport Drinking Bottle/Flask, Travel Mug, Perfect for Cold/Hot Water, Ice, Coffee, Drinks

24 OZ - 700ML

Product Description

insulated water bottle

Drinking enough means staying healthy.

Maybe you should drink 1.5 to 3 liters of liquid a day depending on the activity and sun exposure.

Do you drink enough water everyday?

Do you constantly forget to drink enough in everyday?

Don't want to waste money on PET bottles every time you're thirsty?

Are you tired of substances that are harmful to health, such as BPA, BPS, or plasticizers made from conventional plastic bottles?

Don't you want to contribute to the waste production of disposable PET bottles?

Don't worry, RANSENERS 'widerBottle' is a good solution for you.

Try RANSENERS "WiderBottle" — Reduce your plastic footprint while enjoying your water and coffee.


Structure and details of the RANSENERS 'widerBottle' Insulated bottle

bottle details

Made of food-grade stainless steel(18/8, also named: 304).

Excellent insulation effect, keep your temperature all day long.

Excellent craftsmanship to ensure that every bottle is a boutique.

A place to enjoy life.

US without plastic pollution is more beautiful.

We firmly believe that we can work together to reduce pollution from single-use PET bottles, disposable plastic cups and food containers.

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