GURU Lite Organic Energy - Low Sugar Vegan Drink with Green Tea, Stevia & Monk Fruit. 8.4 Ounce (Pack of 24)

Extra calories are always on our minds for some more than others. That’s why we created guru lite energy drink, the low calorie version of guru original. It’s now possible for everyone to enjoy guru's efficacy, its 100 percent natural ingredients and unique taste, without having to worry about unwanted calories. Maybe now we can have dessert once in a while. In the mid 90's, we decided to put our hectic urban lives on hold and run full speed ahead with a wild idea we’d been brewing for a while. During our travels in Europe and Asia, we noticed and started using energy drinks. We shared a vision: how could we keep up with our crazy schedule, and still have a healthy lifestyle. Why not create something totally unique that answers this need, we thought. After weeks of brainstorming, the idea gradually became a tangible concept, which we developed in our spare time over the following year. We wanted to create the ultimate drink: powerful and healthy, something that could keep us going, and going man, it should be the guru of all drinks. The name fit perfectly, the guru concept was born.

From the manufacturer

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GURU Organic Energy Drink GURU Organic Energy Drink Lite GURU Organic Sparkling Energy Water Lime GURU Organic Sparkling Energy Water Pomegranate GURU Organic Sparkling Energy Water Grapefruit
Description Organic Energy Drink Low Sugar Organic Energy Drink Sparkling Green tea Infused Water Sparkling Green Tea Infused Water Sparkling Green Tea Infused Water
USDA Organic Certification
Natural Caffeine per 12oz 140mg 140mg 100mg 100mg 100mg
Natural Caffeine Source Green Tea & Guarana Green Tea & Guarana Green Tea Green Tea Green Tea
Calories per 12 oz 120 calories 10 calories 0 calories 0 calories 0 calories
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