Red Line (40603-12PK) Two-Stroke Racing Motor Oil - Motorcycle High-Performance Synthetic Engine Lubricant (12 Pack Case)

Case - 12 Pack
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Ultimate in two-cycle performance extreme cleanliness. Popular in racing and daily applications like motorcycles marine snowmobile racing etc. Dyno has proven gains of 3-5% and more power over longer runs. High-temp stability prevents deposits on combustion chambers exhaust ports upper ring and piston crown. Suggested use at 50:1 but use up to 100:1 depending on operating conditions. Chemistry in Two-Cycle Kart Oil and Two-Stroke Race Oil are identical with different labels. Contain ester base oils with the highest film strength and affinity for hot metal. Increased power and excellent scuff protection. Provides the lubricating qualities of castors, but with exceptional cleanliness. Low, carbon residue dramatically reduces plug fouling and smoke. Compatible with reformulated fuels. Each product works in both premix or injection systems SINCE 1979 In 1979, Red Line Synthetic Oil began creating lubricants for the racing industry. Today, we manufacture more than 100 quality products, including motor oils, gear oils, assembly lubes, fuel additives and our popular WaterWetter cooling additive for the automotive, motorcycle, marine and industrial markets. TECHNOLOGY Using cutting edge technology, Red Line responds to the technical challenges of today's performance industry. We are enthusiasts that stay on top of each market niche, ensuring product recommendations that result in serious performance gains. We use this knowledge of racing to create high-performance products for track cars and street vehicles. Red Line products perform and protect better than any on the market. No compromises.

Motor oil is made from crude oil and is used to lubricate, clean, and cool engines. Types of motor oil include conventional, synthetic, diesel, bio-based, hybrid (blends of conventional and synthetic), and recycled oils. Motor oil varies in weight and viscosity, as well as additives that some manufacturers add to the oil during the refining process. A numerical code system created by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) grades motor oils according to viscosity--the higher the number between 0 and 60, the more viscous (thicker) the oil is. Most consumer motor oils are graded by two numbers, with the first number indicating cold weather (Winter or "W") performance.

2-Stroke Engine Oil

This oil is specifically designed for 2-stroke (or 2-cycle) engines. 2-stroke engines are typically "total-loss lubrication" engines, meaning that this oil will burn up in the combustion chamber when the engine is on and will need to be replaced regularly. Common uses of 2-stroke oil are some motorcycles, lawnmowers, snowmobiles, marine outboard motors, and other small-engine devices.

Conventional Motor Oil

This oil is a conventional motor oil, meaning it is refined from crude oil or petroleum products. Conventional motor oils may or may not have additives included after refining. Conventional motor oils are more versatile than synthetic or hybrid motor oils, because they are suitable for use with nearly all types of modern vehicle engines, from cars and trucks to motorcycles, ATVs, farm equipment, and more.

Racing Oil

Racing oils are designed for track cars and other types of high-compression vehicles intended for motorsports competition. They contain particular additives for increased engine horsepower and reduced friction on metal parts, and provide special protection for engines with high compression or higher horsepower. Racing oils usually include fewer detergents than regular conventional motor oils.

Please note that many, if not all, oils labelled as racing oils are not street legal, and it is not recommended to put racing oil in a conventional passenger vehicle. Make sure to double-check the product label as well as the specifications of your vehicle to ensure proper usage.

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