Adult Embrace Tree of Life Green Cremation Urn for Ashes with Custom Engraving

  • High quality design and finish to last a lifetime.
  • Adult sized cremation urn appropriate for up to a 200 pound person
  • Beautiful Tree of Life engraved on a vibrant green finish.
  • Ships directly to you. Cost saving at Funeral Home.
  • All urns are BRAND NEW, never used

Product Description

The Embrace Line was driven by the need of having a unique and diversified portfolio of cremation urns that are accessible for all families. We all understand that saying goodbye to a close family member or a friend is not easy and the only way to keep them close to your hearts is to preserve their ashes.

The new embrace line is comprised of an elaborate collection of cremation urns that suit different themes, shapes, colors and design to help people choose the best urn that will forever reflect the memories of their loved ones. Despite having a sizable variety of colors and styles, GetUrns launched this line with quality in mind. These urns are made of the highest quality materials and smooth finishes.

Embrace collection of Cremation Urns

The Adult Embrace Tree Of Life Cremation Urn

Adult Embrace Tree of Life

Honor and cherish the memories of your loved one with this gorgeous Adult Embrace Tree Of Life Cremation Urn for ashes.

This Cremation Urn features a smooth and silky green finish with a brushed pewter band near the cap and a gorgeous Tree Of Life.

A full sized Adult Urn with 200 Cu Inches, The Embrace Tree Of Life Cremation Urn offers higher value.

The Embrace Tree Of Life features a unique design with mixed elements of modern and classic urn shapes.

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