Creatiburg Big Sticky Notes Lined White Color 6x8 inches 50 Sheets/Pad 6 Pads/Pack Large Self-Stick Note Pads with Lines, Easy Post Individually Wrapped, Office Supplies School Gift Set

Product Description


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We currently have 4 different sizes of paper sticky notes available: 3x3 inches, 3x5inches, 4x6 inches and 6x8 inches, all sizes have lined design.

Also we have plastic flag packs as well.

Each product is individually packed with a plastic bag to keep the stickiness and cleanness, convenient to store.

They are good for office,school and home.

Use for all your to-do lists and reminders, grab even the busiest person’s attention, and never miss another important note again, the perfect tool to keep your thoughts in-sync; What else, get creative or make a mural

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6x8 6colors 6x8 12pads 4x6 6pads 3x3 white 3x3 12pads
Brand Creatiburg Creatiburg Creatiburg Creatiburg Creatiburg
Individually packed
Size 6x8 inches 6x8 inches 4x6 inches 3x3 inches 3x3 inches
Quantity 6 pads 12 pads 6 pads 12 pads 12 pads
Colors 6 colors 6 colors 6 colors white 6 colors
Sheets per pad 50 sheets 50 sheets 50 sheets 100 sheets 100 sheets
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