Good Gear 3 Pack Combo One Black Tape, One White Tape and One Clear Hockey Tape - Made in North America Specifically for Hockey

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America Specifically for Hockey


REINVENT YOUR GAME - Each of the hockey tapes from the 3-Pack Combo by Good Gear sticks perfectly to the stick itself and gives excellent grip in the hands and for the puck. Amazing for all sides of the stick.

STRONG ADHESIVE – Dominate your games with tapes that are thick, strong and reliable. We reinforced the tapes with super-strong adhesive so you can use them for long-time with the calculated wear and tear that come from your highly demanding training and games.

VALUE PACK – Upgrade your game with 1 black hockey tape, 1 clear hockey tape, and 1 white hockey tape! Use per your own custom hockey gear and classy style in different elegant plain colors.

MASTERFUL DESIGN – Designed with new set of material combo, Good Grip tapes wrap smoothly, don’t fray or leave annoying edges on the tape roll. Amazingly moisture resistant, it will take long-time before you need to re-tape.

QUALITY – MADE IN NORTH AMERICA– That is how confident we are in our hockey stick grip tapes.

3 Pack Combo Hockey Stick Tapes by Good Gear

When you need a perfect fit, easy to apply and cushioned hockey tapes to boost your grip precision and overall game, think of the Good Gear 3 Pack Hockey Tapes. Using most quality materials, we created hockey tapes that quickly became favorites to many hockey players.

Dominate your game

We have everything ready for you. Get the Good Gear hockey tapes, setup & go, create your own moments and make your own victories. We promise enhanced precision, improved grip and amazing cushioning in the most intense moments.

Customize in style

Pick from our 3 available colors. From classier white to bolder black, we have something for everyone. Add style and functionality to your hockey sticks.

Dedicated to complete high-quality products

Proudly made in North America

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