Res-Q-Rinse by SinOptim - Sinus Rinse Kit, Clean Your Nose, Fight Allergies and Colds, and Use as a Daily Nasal Rinse Solution - Basic Kit Plus 33 Saline Packs

Nasal Rinse - 30 Day Kit

Product Description

Why Rinse?

Because IT WORKS!

Whether you are suffering from sinus congestion due to a cold, the flu, or allergens like pollen, dust or workplace pollutants, nasal saline irrigation is an all-natural, drug free solution. Clinical studies have shown that all-natural saline nasal lavage relieves sinus inflammation that causes sinus pain and congestion. Nasal washing is a practice that was introduced hundreds of years ago and has long been used in conjunction with meditation and yoga.

Saline solutions rinse allergens, pollutants, and infectious particles from the nose while restoring moisture and reducing inflammation of the mucous membranes that line the sinuses. Less swelling or inflammation means it’s easier to breathe through the nose. In addition, certain studies have shown that those who suffer with chronic sinus issues and use nasal irrigation are sometimes able to use fewer medications, including antibiotics and nasal decongestants.

Clinical studies have also shown that saline solutions can restore moisture to dry nasal passages and can help to thin mucus, reduce postnasal drip, and cleanse the nasal passages of bacteria. When used as directed, saline rinses are a safe and efficient way to reduce the symptoms of allergic rhinitis and chronic sinusitis as well as cold and flu. And, healthy sinus membranes help your immune system work more effectively – the tiny hair-like cilia in the nasal passages capture and remove viruses, bacteria, pollution, and irritants.

If you are reading this information, you are likely one of the millions of people who suffer greatly with sinus issues and you are looking for a nasal irrigation solution that is easy to use, quick and effective. You may even be one of the large percentage of people who has tried the neti pot or another nose cleaner and stopped because you don’t want to deal with all of the choking, gagging or throat irritation that comes with those devices.

Who should rinse?

Clinicians agree most everyone can benefit from a clean nose. Nasal passages are the first line of defense against pollution, allergens and other irritants or bacteria. It is critical to keep them clean and functioning well and reduce inflammation whenever possible. Just as we brush to maintain healthy teeth and gums, a daily nasal wash or rinse is an effective way to flush out mucous and toxins and keep the nasal passages healthy and free from irritation and inflammation.

From the post-sinus surgery patient needing to clean the gunk out and manage inflammation to the professional athlete who strives for consistent high performance and effective breathing through the nose, nasal rinsing can make a significant difference. Whether you suffer from chronic sinusitis or allergic rhinitis, you know the impact of swollen and inflamed nasal membranes. You know the impact of not being able to breathe freely through the nose. Poorly performing sinuses translates to lost time at work, lost productivity, miserable and painful experiences, and can impact overall quality of life greatly.

First and foremost, at Sinoptim we believe in NASAL RINSING! We obviously think that you will find the best option for a nose cleaner in the ResQRinse, but if not, we still encourage you to find an option to RINSE! Whether you choose a neti pot, squeeze bottle like Nasopure or the Navage powered irrigation unit, we encourage you to use an all-natural, drug-free saline solution and RINSE!

“Nasal irrigation is possibly the most important proactive, therapeutic measure currently available for promoting sinonasal wellness.” According to Dr. Stephen Chandler, MD ENT. Your nose is a vital pathway to a healthy body and at Sinoptim we truly are committed to spreading the word and advancing the value of nose washing.

Nasal rinsing is a common sense to solution to care for the nose and the sinuses. We look forward to welcoming you to the ResQRinse family and if you should encounter any difficulty getting started we want to hear from you.

Rinse. Breathe. Live.

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