Amazon Gift Sleeves with Amazon Anytime Gift Cards, 10 Pack

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Amazon Anytime Gift Cards

Designed for any occasion

Amazon's Anytime Gift Cards are perfect for employee appreciation, sweepstakes, a simple thank you or even a 'just-because'.

The perfect last minute gift

Amazon's Anytime Gift Cards come in packs of 10, so you can use one now and save the rest for another occasion. You don't have to worry about losing money if you misplace the cards, because they will not have any value on them until you activate and load an amount.

What is in the package?

Inside the Pack

What is Amazon Anytime Gift Card?

An Anytime Gift Card is an gift card that you purchase without any initial value, then activate and load money when you’re ready to gift, so you can use one now, and have more for another occasion!

How can I load amount to an Amazon Anytime Gift Card? Is it reloadable?

Open the Amazon App (Click on the camera icon, select 'search' and place the camera above the QR code on the back of the gift card) to load value. You can also enter the serial number at Anytime Gift Cards can be loaded once.

Is there a minimum load amount?

Yes, there is a minimum load amount. You can load between $10-$2,000 on each gift card.

Can I use the gift sleeve without the Amazon Anytime Gift Card?

Of course! The Anytime Gift Card is affixed on the inside with a light adhesive. You can remove the Anytime Gift Card at any time by peeling it off the gift sleeve. You won’t leave any trace of the adhesive or any damage to the sleeve by doing this.

Other ways to gift


Anytime Greeting Card


eGift Card


Physical Gift Card

Print at Home

Print at Home Gift Card

Gift card type
Ready-to-load gift card Digital gift card Plastic or paper gift card Printable PDF gift card
In a premium greeting card Deliver in minutes A variety of packaging Perfect to give in person
Delivery method
Mail Email, text or messaging app Mail PDF download
Speed of delivery
Two-day shipping (Prime) Within 5 minutes One-day shipping (when avail) Within 5 minutes
Custom message
No Yes No Yes
Gift amount
Load custom value $1 - $2,000 $10 - $2,000 $1 - $2,000
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