SilverStone Technology Premium 8-Bay 2.5" Small Form Factor NAS Chassis (CS280B)

  • Supports 2.5\" hot swap Hard drives x 8 with locker
  • Premium aluminum front door with lock
  • Individual metal key lock for Each Drive for extra security
  • Supports Low profile expansion cards up to 8.66 inches
  • Mini-DTX/Mini-ITX motherboard & SFX power supply compatible
Retail Price: $211.6
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For users migrating to small form factor (SFF) computers with large libraries of media files, storage capacity is often a compromise that is difficult to overcome. Choosing a smaller case may require additional purchase of external storage enclosure, while choosing a larger case with extra drive bays may defeat the purpose of going SFF in the first place. For seasoned enthusiasts looking to downsize even further beyond the popular DS380, silverstone created the CS280 that can pack up to nine 2.5" drives in nearly half the size of DS380! with the ability to accommodate components such as Mini-ITX motherboards, dual slot expansion card, and standard retail box CPU coolers, the CS280 can readily support most system build requirements. Equipped with two 80mm intake fans plus externally removable filter on the front, keeping everything cool and dust-free is as easy as in any silverstone chassis. Cs280's signature feature is a group of eight individually Lockable and hot-swappable drive cages for 2.5" drives. It utilizes a custom back panel PCB designed to support both SATA and SAS interface for increased compatibly with nearly all modern hard drives or SSDs. At only 11.8 liters overall, the impressively small CS280 is perfect for anyone looking to build a beautiful and even portable small form factor NAS for home or office.

From the manufacturer

CS01 CS01S CS01-HS CS01S CS280 DS380
Dimensions 12.68" (H) x 8.29" (W) x 8.27" (D) 12.68" (H) x 8.29" (W) x 8.27" (D) 12.68" (H) x 8.29" (W) x 8.27" (D) 12.68" (H) x 8.29" (W) x 8.27" (D) 6.96" (H) x 8.72" W x 11.85" (D) 11.22" (H) x 8.31" (W) x 14.17" (D)
Volume 14.2 liters 14.2 liters 14.2 liters 14.2 liters 11.8 liters 21.6 liters
Included Fans 1x120mm Bottom 1x120mm Bottom 1x120mm Bottom 1x120mm Bottom 2x80mm Front 2x120mm Side, 1x120mm Rear
2.5" Bays 2 2 8 (6 Hot Swap) 8 (6 Hot Swap) 9 (8 Hot Swap) 4
3.5" Bays 2 2 0 0 0 8 (All Hot Swap)
5.25" Bays 0 0 0 0 0 0
Motherboard Limit ITX ITX ITX ITX ITX ITX
Expansion Card Limit One 7.5” x 2.95” One 7.5” x 2.95” One 7.5” x 2.95” One 7.5” x 2.95” One 4.41" x 4.72" or One 8.66" x 2.39" One 11" x 4.38"
CPU Cooler Limit 68mm 68mm 68mm 68mm 65mm 57mm
CS350 CS380 CS381
CS350 CS380B CS381B
Dimensions 17.32" (W) x 6.35" (H) x 18.66" (D) 16.79" (H) x 8.48" (W) x 19.19" (D) 15.75" (W) x 8.86" (H) x 12.44" (D)
Volume 33.6 liters 44.7 liters 28 liters
Included Fans 1x120mm Front, 1x80mm Internal 2x120mm Side, 1x120mm Rear 2x120mm Rear
2.5" Bays 2 0 4
3.5" Bays 6 (5 Hot Swap) 8 (All Hot Swap) 8 (All Hot Swap)
5.25" Bays 1 x standard, 1 x 12.7mm slim optical 2 0
Motherboard Limit ATX ATX Micro-ATX
PSU Limit ATX (250mm) ATX SFX-L
Expansion Card Limit 13.78" x 4.52" 9.5" x 5.9" 10.5" in Length
CPU Cooler Limit 110mm 146mm 59mm (49mm recommended)
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