He Shou Wu Extract Powder (100g) - Polygonum multiflorum - 10:1 Reflux Extraction Process (10lbs of Roots make 1lbs of Extract - Potent!) - Traditionally Prepared from Mature 4-year-old Roots

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Product Description

Turn back the years and feel your best self again with our He Shou Wu extract.

From years of modern day toxins in and around us, aging comes with some less than desirable side effects.

Do you experience any of the following?

  • Less energy
  • Mental fog
  • Less focus
  • Decreasing sex drive
  • Thinning and greying Hair
  • Photoaging skin
  • Unable to sleep
  • Less range in movement
  • And more

If you do, then He Shou Wu may be the right supplement for you. Let's take a look at how a supplement can help reduce the many symptoms of aging.

He Shou Wu doesn’t just focus on the symptoms themselves but actually nourishes the root issues of your negative aging affects. It can strengthen the kidneys and adrenals, support liver and kidney detoxification, provide immune system support, support blood building and blood cell health, and help strengthen muscles and tendons. He Shou Wu has long been used as an anti-aging wonder herb. In fact, those who are trying to avoid the problems that come with getting older can take this supplement as a possible preventative.

People who use our He Shou Wu extract have reported feeling revitalized, with a new lease on life. They say they feel greatly increased energy levels, improved strength, and greater focus.

Also known as Fo Ti, this root is named after a man who became famous from its use. Neng Zi was born as a weak boy. When he grew up he never married because he was impotent. At the age of 58, one day he got drunk in the forest and fell asleep. He noticed roots that appeared in his mind to be “making love”. He dug these up and later made them into a tonic he could consume.

Within a short period of time, he noticed a new energy flowing within his body. He began to feel virile, and could hardly contain his drive in the bedroom. He continued taking He Shou Wu for years, which they say made his gray hair turn black. Subsequently, he fathered many children.

The legend says he lived to 160 years old and fathered 19 sons and 1 daughter. Not bad for starting out with a weak constitution and beginning on the herb at 58!

Our He Shou Wu extract is of the highest quality, is gluten-free, and paleo- and vegan-friendly—you can be sure you are putting nothing but the best into your body with Lost Empire Herbs!

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