New! Organic Pina Colada Lip Balm with SPF 30 Sunscreen and Vitamin E - for Highly Protective Natural Moisturizing Chap-Free Balm (0.15 oz - 100 pack, Pina Colada)

Product Description

Protection from the Elements in Every Season (SPF 30 PINA COLADA LIP BALM 100-PACK Bin)

SPF 30 Organic Pina Colada with Hemp and vitamin E

Looking for a quality natural-base lip balm with sunscreen? SPFRx's SPF 30 lip balm is the solution for a hydrating lip balm to protect dry, chapped lips from the sun and harsh environmental factors such as sun and wind and sooth and repair present damage. It provides protection from long wavelength UVA rays and boosts UVB protection. Formulated with superior, moisturizing ingredients including organic hempseed, olive oil, sunflower oil and Vitamin E, you won’t be searching for another chapstick again! The lip balm counter display is a great value and saves counter space as well.

Why Is SPF Rx Better?

SPF Pina Colada Coconut pineapple Hemp Sunflower lip protection with SPF 30

This is an advanced lip therapy and protection formula with the following components;

  • Beeswax. We start with beeswax because it does not just coat your skin, it protects the natural oils, helping healthy lips stay healthy, and helping dry, cracked lips to heal.
  • Vitamin E. This is a potent anti-oxidant, that provides a critical level of protection against the effects of the sun (when complimenting quality sunscreen protection). It is also a nutrient in healthy skin function and production.
  • Organic Olive Oil is also a source of natural vitamin E while also having an anti-inflammatory quality to help soothe and calm your lips.
  • Organic Hempseed Oil contains lipids similar to those found in the skin. This makes it an effective moisturizer and protectant for the skin. It increases the elasticity of the skin and brings new life to dry, tired or dehydrated skin.
  • Organic Sunflower Oil is an ageless chapped lips remedy. It helps lock in or retain moisture in the skin protecting against dry and chapped skin. Sunflower oil is also rich in vitamin E.
  • SPF 30 Protection Since your lips are most fragile and vulnerable to the effects of the sun, we believe SPF protection is most critical in your lip balm.

Packed in this clear display bin, for your home, event or business

Pina Colada 100 count Bin SPF 30 LIp Balm

So we have incorporated a blend of FDA recognized sunscreen agent to achieve an SPF 30 rating. Even so, like sunscreen for any part of the body, you should reapply often when out in direct mid-day sun for prolonged periods of time.All lip balms are not alike. The skin of your lips is important!

  • Lips are fragile - This is because the skin on the lips is so thin.
  • Lips are vulnerable - They are exposed to the elements and the sun more than other areas. The wind, the sun, even your own breathing day and night put it under constant stress.
  • Lips are often neglected - They usually get no love from the facial skincare you tend to put everywhere else!
  • Lips are visible - Your lips are always on display!  Soft lips are an important part of an inviting face.

For all of these reasons, SPF Rx Lip balm meets our high standards in lip protection. This particular product is exceptionally popular because it accomplishes all of these with the subtle pleasant taste of Pina Colada.

Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall, your lips need your tender loving care!

Tropical Flavor Pina Colada Summer winter sunscreen

Organic moisturizers in a natural beeswax base, and the delightful Pina Colada taste..

SPF Rx Lip Balm sunscreen broad spectrum beeswax vitamin E

We love animals! And that is why.....

SPF Rx is Cruelty-Free

Like all SPF Rx Products, SPF 30 Mango Lip Balm is 100% animal cruelty-free This product and its individual ingredients have not been tested on animals at any time.

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