Desert Steel Flower Torch - (Yellow Sunflower, 32" H x14" W) - Metal Art Citronella Garden Torch & Pathway Light w/ Refillable Lamp Oil Canister

Sunflowers are the friendliest type of flower, don’t you think? You don’t have to wait until summer’s end to enjoy them anymore, either. Stake one, two or several of these beautiful Sunflower Garden Torches from Desert Steel around your house and you’ll have friendly metal art flowers to look at all year long. Bold and beautiful, this sunflower décor is likely to attract butterflies, bees and lots of compliments from the neighbors, too. You might even start a trend in your neighborhood. Use the sunflower’s vibrant color in your landscape design to draw admiring eyes into your garden and along all the points of interest. Easy to assemble, they can then be immediately staked into the ground and just as easily moved again and again and again, until you find the location that’s just right for your outdoor decor. Each sunflower torch is created by metalwork artisans who put their love of outdoor sculpture into every piece. Durable steel construction stands up to the elements and comes out the other side still looking fresh as a daisy, or rather, sunflower. Your yard art will be the envy of all the neighbors. After enjoying them in daylight hours, put them to work as torches. They add a certain charm to an evening spent relaxing on the patio. They come with a 10-inch wick and canister to hold fuel; use them like you would a Tiki Torch to help block mosquitoes and other annoying pests so you can enjoy the outdoors ambiance without the bug bites.

From the manufacturer

Metal Art

Hand crafted from steel by talented metal sculptors, these garden tiki torches are beautifully detailed down to the tips of each petal. The metal is extremely durable, standing up to the elements for long-lived beauty.

Metal Art

Outdoor Decor

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