Amazing Baby Swaddle Blanket with Adjustable Wrap, Set of 3, Little Village, Trees and Triangles, Black, Small

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The Amazing Baby swaddle wrap is 100% cotton and easy to use. The AAP recommends a swaddling for up to 3 months and research has shown that swaddled babies sleep better. Our swaddle wrap includes adjustable swaddle wings that safely secure. Our design features soft, premium-quality hook-and-loop fasteners. Set of 3. Small size, fits babies from 7-14 pounds. Machine washable. Designed and manufactured by SwaddleDesigns exclusively for Amazon.

From the manufacturer

Easy to use Swaddle with Adjustable Wrap

Safe for Baby

Replaces loose blankets for safer sleep. Soft, breathable premium cotton creates a secure & cozy swaddle that helps baby sleep better & more soundly.

Supportive & Hip Healthy

Adjustable wings with soft, quieter hook & loop tabs create a perfect fit & make baby feel secure. Stretchy sack supports & has room for leg movement.

Promotes Better Sleep

Helps to reduce the startle reflex that can wake baby, so everyone can get a good night's sleep.

Easy to Use

Simply place baby in sack and wrap adjustable wings around baby to secure.

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