LEGACY SHAVE Evolution Shave Brush for Wet Shave, Attach to Most Shaving Cream & Gel Cans. Offers a Smooth Refreshing Shave Experience with Any Razor Type, Safety Straight Double Edge for Men & Women

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Product Description

Evolution Brush: 1st Ever Shave Brush To Fit on Shaving Cans

The Evolution Brush is the world’s 1st shave brush that universally attaches to both men's and women's shaving cream and gel cans, down to the travel size cans, offering users an enhanced shaving experience.

Let’s just say the name of our Michigan-based company is exactly what it means to my brother and me. It involves what is closest to our hearts and that is family and legacy. With that, we want to introduce to you our company Legacy Shave and The Evolution Brush: The Next Evolution in Shaving.

Evolution Shaving Brush Benefits

Most people don't realize that when you apply shaving cream or gel the traditional way--with your hands--you're actually matting your hair follicles down prior to shaving with your razor, which leads to skin irritations and razor bumps and burns.

With its patented design and unique Brush Lathering Technology, the Evolution Brush provides the cleanest, closest shave possible by stimulating and lifting the user's hair follicles while exfoliating their skin and reducing razor bumps and burns. 

Here are the Evolution Shaving Brush Benefits:

  • Brush Lathering Technology
  • Lifts & Stimulates Hair Follicles
  • Fewer Razor Bumps & Burns
  • Less Mess & Waste
  • Makes Shaving Fun Again
Your skin will thank you!

Evolution Brush Is Not Just For Men

We designed The Evolution Brush to work for everybody--young or old, male or female, daily shaver or infrequent shaver.

We're excited by the fact that women too will love The Evolution Brush! Let's face it, men and women are basically shaving everything these days and any and all body parts that need shaving will result in a much better shaving experience thanks to The Evolution Brush stimulating and lifting your hair follicles for a cleaner, closer shave with fewer razor bumps and burns.

The Evolution Brush can save women an absurd amount of time shaving their legs. Whether you shave daily or every so often, you're going to appreciate the ease and time-savings that our brush provides.

How To

Most shaving cream caps pull right off using your hand.  For gel cans we've built-in a handy cap remover tool into every Evolution Brush to make this task quick and easy.

Enjoy your Ultimate Shaving Experience. Not only does The Evolution Brush make shaving fun again, you can expect fewer razor burns in the process. Your skin will thank you.

Proper care of The Evolution Brush is easy and quick. Keep The Evolution Brush attached to your can and simply rinse the brush out under your sink or in the shower. Once clean, just give it a couple shakes and set it down to be ready to go for your next legendary shave.

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