Cat Eye Chrome Nail Powder - 3Pc Get Cat Eye Effect and Chameleon Mirror Effect, 9D Galaxy Gem Glitter Metallic Manicure Pigment with Bonus Black UV Gel and Magnetic Stick - New DIY Set
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Cat Eye Chrome Nail Powder - 3Pc Get Cat Eye Effect and Chameleon Mirror Effect, 9D Galaxy Gem Glitter Metallic Manicure Pigment with Bonus Black UV Gel and Magnetic Stick - New DIY Set
Cat Eye Chrome Nail Powder - 3Pc Get Cat Eye Effect and Chameleon Mirror Effect, 9D Galaxy Gem Glitter Metallic Manicure Pigment with Bonus Black UV Gel and Magnetic Stick - New DIY Set


Product Description

Dr.Mode has something to say:

The cost of this product is really high. And in order to ensure the superiority of quality, we have purchased new machines to produce cat eye powder. When you get it, you will feel the fineness of the powder and the special optical color structure.

In order to balance the diversity of products and nail art, we have launched a three-color version, so each product can only be 0.5g each pot. We know that this product is not very much, but it can still make many nails. Mixing a few drops of no wipe top coat with a littttttttle powder can make a good effect.

The quality of the included brushes is very good, selected horse hair, soft and delicate. The magnetic stick is also the most advanced version on the market.

The included 10g black primer is specially selected in a boxed version, which has a large capacity and is more convenient for storage.

We recognize that less product content, please tell us what color you like, and we will launch an incremental version of the corresponding color, which absolutely meets the needs of you. Love you ~

From 3D to 9D Cat Eye Effects, if you want, you can do everything!

chrome nail powder

A new Funny things can match your Beauty and Curious! - Cat Eye Nail Chrome Powder

ONE kind of nail powder can achieve TWO effects

  1. Applying the top coat that mixed with cat eye powder can achieve cat's eye effect.
  2. Applying directly on no wipe top coat can achieve multi-color chrome mirror effect.

Cat's Eye Magnetic Effect

  • After mixing with the top coat that need to cured, applying it then use the magnetic stick to paint. You will see galaxy effect, aurora effect, nail black hole effect, different colors at different angles. You can freely control the ratio of powder to top coat, the more the powder content, the better the effect of cat eyes.

Chameleon Chrome Mirror effect

  • After applying the no wipe top coat and cured it, apply the magnetic powder on it to obtain a multi-color mirror effect. The color will change with the light depending on the viewing angle or the background color. Due to its microstructure, the nails will show an amazing fairy-like chameleon chrome effect.


  • 3*0.5g colors of cat eye nail powder, 1 black nail polish in the box, 1 nail brush and 1 strong magnetic stick.

^--^We definitely will lanch a Incremental version of this magenetic nail Powder, so enjoy 0.5g version right now.

0.5g each box is not too much, but it really can do more than 100 nails.

Life is short, enjoy the moment with magent nail powder!

cat eye chrome nail powder


Clean nails then push back cuticles and trim nail surface as normal manicure process.

Apply Base coat first,cure under LED /UV light.(Free black base coat is included)(Different colors get different effects)


  • Cateye 1: The cat eye powder was mixed with no wipe top coat to obtain a cat eye gel polish. (A cat's eye effect can be achieved with a very very small amount of powder)
  • Cateye 2: Apply the cat eye polish in a thin application,then cure under LED light for 30-60 seconds, UV light for 90-120s seconds.(You can skip this step and do whatever you want)
  • Cateye 3: Apply a second layer of cat eye polish, DO NOT CURE and put the magnet over the nails for 10 seconds to get the cat eye effect, then cure under LED /UV light.(Do not touch the nail polish with the magnetic stick)
  • Cateye 4: Apply Top coat, cure with LED/UV light.


  • Chrome 1: Apply a layer of NO WIIPE TOP COAT and continue to cure(recommend DR.MODE no wipe top coat)
  • Chrome 2: Use a sponge applicator to gently touch a little chrome powder and rub it (a little powder can cover full of nail surface, only a little)
  • Chrome 3: If you want, repeat the second step until completely dry!!!

The end: Remove tracky residue with nail surface cleanse and lint- ferr nail wipe. Enjoy your beautiful nails.

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