Tinland Plant Stand Metal Flower Pot Holder Indoor Outdoor Rustproof Rack for Tall Heavy Potted Plants 11.8inx 5in Bronze Brown (1 Pack)

Product Description

Metal Plant Stand

What you may concern:

  • Q:What is the diameter and height of the Tinland metal plant stand?
  • A:The Tinland metal plant stand is 11.8 in by diameter and 5 in by height. Exclusive design with improved size for large potted plants.

  • Q:What is the max weight one stand can support?
  • A:The stand can bear up to 300lbs weight limit.

  • Q:Why dual-legs design ?
  • A: Dual legs can increase the contact surface of the ground which would be helpful to keep the balance and strength to bear especially heavy plants. On the other hand, it will not hurt the floor like the sharp one-leg stand.

  • Q:Can it be used for both indoor and outdoor?
  • A:Yes, the plant is made of premium metal and it has anti-rust coatings painted outside. Well finished craft with reliable quality material enables a long service life not only for indoor but also outdoor use.

  • Q:Except working as a plant stand, can it be used at other situations?
  • A:Sure, it is a multipurpose stand. It can be used for potted plants to provides more visual interest of different levels as well as for an easy transport and watering. You may also be surprised to find that it performs well to save as beverage dispensers or tabletop display for desserts at party. Or maybe more applications as you can imagine.

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