Gearbox M40 165 Teardrop Racquetball Racquet
  • PATENTED SOLID FRAME TECHNOLOGY - 100% Carbon Fiber Construction ensures maximized control, power on demand and exceptional durability
  • ENHANCED FRAME RESPONSE - Your new M40 racquet will give you a more crisp and lively feel, with even MORE Power from the M40 Modulus Graphite & New Extended C3 Power Grooves
  • LIGHT AND DURABLE CONSTRUCTION - Superb maneuverability, maximized string deflection and maximized sweet spot
  • VIBRATION CONTROL - Exclusive adjustable rubber damper system for customized feel. Contract to eliminate vibration or stretch to increase string vibration feel
  • SPECIFICATIONS – Displacement channels, power string bed
  • 3 15/16"
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Gearbox M40 165 Teardrop Racquetball Racquet
Gearbox M40 165 Teardrop Racquetball Racquet
Power, Control, Maneuverability, Durability, simply put, the M40 Collection delivers it all! This is the most advanced racquet engineered by Gearbox. The M40 collection received rave reviews and is back this 2019/20 season with an all new look!

From the manufacturer

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Gearbox M40 165 Quad Racquetball Racquet Gearbox GB 125 Racquetball Racquet Gearbox GBX 125 Squash Racquet Gearbox M40 165 Teardrop Racquetball Racquet Gearbox M40 170 Quad Racquetball Racquet Gearbox Smooth Wrap
Material 100% Carbon Fiber Construction 100% Carbon Fiber Construction 100% Carbon Fiber Construction M40 High Modulus Graphite 100% Carbon Fiber Construction Urethane Resin with Felt Backing
Shape Quadraform Hybrid Teardrop Quadraform Teardrop Quadraform n/a
String 18 Gauge Black Monofilament Gearbox 18 Gauge Black Monofilament Gearbox 17g Monofilament 18 Gauge Black Monofilament 18 Gauge Black Monofilament n/a
Weight n/a 125g 170g n/a n/a n/a
Features Extended C3 Power Groove Technology, Maximized String Deflection Maximized Control, Massive Sweet Spot, Power on Demand GB-125 is the ultimate club player’s racquet Vibration Control, Displacement Channels, Power String Bed Solid Frame Technology, M40 High Modulus Graphite Extra Thick for a Great Feel, Durable and Comfortable
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The impetus for the formation of Gearbox was fueled by a vision to create superior, technology-based sporting equipment and at the core of all efforts, implement a grass-root model.

Gearbox was founded in California by Rafael Filippini. As a professional racquetball player and with over 25 years in the composites industry, he worked to hone his skills, creating revolutionary technologies while simultaneously fulfilling his dream to create a leading technology brand created by an athlete for athletes.

Almost 15 years later, Gearbox continues to be synonymous with excellent quality, outstanding durability and patented cutting edge technologies

Since founded in 2007, Gearbox has proudly expanded from racquetball into other sports including pickleball, paddleball, and squash.

Gearbox wants players of all levels to experience first-hand how its quality products can improve their game and continue to support their love of sport. With our advanced collections of racquets, paddles, edgy apparel, and high-quality accessories, the future is limitless.

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