SUNFICON Inflatable Air Seat Cushions Portable Breathable Comfort Cushion Car Seat Office Chair Wheelchair Pad Orthopedics Pain Pressure Relief Cushion Camping Seat Mat 18'' x 16'' Black


Product Description

When sitting, most people have bad habits which, along with the long hours we remain sit, can lead discomfort and pain, especially in the lower back, tailbone, buttocks or coccyx area. By using SUNFICON's air orthopedic seat cushion, we can immediately reduce the fatigue,pressure and pain. The ergonomically thought design and high-quality cushion material is firm enough to provide the right amount of support to help you improve your seating posture.

Measured in 18'' X 16'' and weighted in 0.66lbs, the weight capacity of SUNFICON's air seat cushion is 275lbs (maximum ).Use this ergonomic inflatable seat cushion wherever you need and say goodbye to stiff and sore after long time driving or sitting at your office desk,using a wheelchair,or just want to make your butt feel comfortable when lounging.This inflatable seat cushion is highly recommended for for office use, truck drivers, frequent travelers, sporting events and pregnancy.

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Air Seat Cushion Air Seat Cushion Air Lumbar Cushion Air Lumbar Cushion
Dimension 18'' X 16'' X 0.98'' 18'' X 16'' X 0.98'' 15.75'' X 17.72'' X 1.57'' 15.75'' X 17.72'' X 1.57''
Weight 0.70 Lbs 0.70 Lbs 0.70 Lbs 0.70 Lbs
Great For Home/Office/Car/Wheelchair/Airplane Home/Office/Car/Wheelchair/Airplane Home/Office/Car/Airplane Home/Office/Car/Airplane
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