Madam Sew Heat Erasable Fabric Marking Pens with 4 Refills for Quilting, Sewing and Dressmaking (4 Piece Set)

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Product Description

Madam Sew declutters your sewing and quilting accessories

Previously, seamstresses and tailors relied on several marking methods to tackle an array of fabrics. Transferring patterns to light colored fabric called for a tracing wheel and paper, while dark fabrics like denim required a soapstone marking pencil or chalk. Our 4-color gel fabric marking pens set lets you apply crisp, clear lines to almost any fabric and then erase them with your clothing iron. The revolutionary thermo-sensitive ink vanishes from sight, leaving your quilt or sewing project free of lines and unsightly ghost marks.

Fashion-house finishes for your handmade garments

Our extra-fine 0.7mm writing points let you create elaborate fabric designs for apparel and home decor items without smudging, smearing or fading prematurely. By temporarily marking the placement of closures, darts, pockets and stitch lines, you'll amaze your family and friends with professional-grade shirts, skirts, pants and home accents. When your project is assembled, lightly pressing the heat erasable gel ink lines with a hot iron will cause them to disappear.

Beautify everything around you

You're apt to become everyone's favorite tailor when you use Madam Sew Heat Erasable Pens. Fortunately, they're portable for use wherever a wardrobe malfunction occurs. To ensure that your creative sewing juices flow uninterrupted, we include 4 refill cartridges. Your pens perform spectacularly for at least FIVE months, then the special gel ink may start to dry out. You receive 1 extra cartridge in each of our 4 ink colors: red, white, blue and black.

Enjoy impeccably tailored fashions that don't break the bank. With the Madam Sew Heat Erasable Gel Pens Set.

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