Alpha Medical Dual Stay Compression Support Knee Brace w/Open Patella (XX-Large Black)
  • Fitting: Use Size Guide to ensure proper fitting. It is very important to use the size guide provided in the description or in the images. Measure around the thigh 5.5 inches above the knee cap.
  • Reduce & Prevent Swelling: Soothing compression is known to help reduce & prevent swelling. This Alpha Medical Knee support is knitted with computer controlled 3-D shaping to provide graduated compression to the entire knee joint. Helping you get back into the game of life.
  • Stabilization & Support: The Alpha Medical Knee support has two support stays on each side of the support that help stabilize the knee. In addition to the stays our unique knitted elastic provides 3-demtional support to the ligaments, tendons, and tissue that make up the knee joint. The Alpha Medical knee support is 11 inches long (5-6 inches longer than other knee supports). This provides support to the entire knee and the muscles that make it work.
  • Quality Construction: The Alpha Medical knee support uses state-of-the-art equipment to construct our elastic knee supports. Each of our supports are made with a continuous knit system to create a sleeve that is free of seams on the inside of the support. We use quality yarns and threads to maximize comfort, strength, and durability.
  • Made In USA
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Alpha Medical Dual Stay Compression Support Knee Brace w/Open Patella (XX-Large Black)
Alpha Medical Dual Stay Compression Support Knee Brace w/Open Patella (XX-Large Black)


Product Description

The Alpha Medical Elastic Knee Brace with Support Stays and Open Patella uses our special 4-way stretch elastic sleeve to provide compression and support. The cut out at the kneecap helps reduce pressure on the knee cap while stabilizing the patella. There are two 10 inch spiral stays sewn onto each side of the brace. The stays provide additional support to the knee while preventing the support from rolling at the top and bottom. The stays also help to maintain correct positioning of the support. The stays are sewn on with special equipment that eliminates a hard seam on the inside of the brace. Using our advanced knitting technology we make a 11-inch long elastic sleeve that is contoured to match the shape and bend of the leg. We also computer control the tension of the elastic in the production process to provide graduated compression which can help blood flow. In addition to function we focused on comfort. This brace is free of seams on the inside of the sleeve and made with a special knit pattern over the patella. The patella knit pattern increases vertical stretch while helping to reduce bunching at the back of the knee when the leg is in the bent position.

Size Guide:Measure around the leg 5.5 inches above the center of the knee cap.
Small: 16"-17"
Medium: 17"-18"
Large: 18"-19.25"
X-Large: 19.25"-20.5"
XX-Large: 20.5"-22"
XXX-Large: 22"-23"

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