Ideaco Japan Slim Concealed Tissue Case Dispenser with Organizer Tray, Made of Stone, Matte White

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Product Description

Pull your tissue out easily, one-handed with the Granroof SLIM tissue case container. Made from natural materials, this tissue case comes in a variety of colors and finishes to match any interior design style.

TUBELOR Granroof Tissue Case by ideaco - Living With Simplicity and Beauty

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We have an old perspective on nature called “Satoyama”. It means we believe God lives in everything, such as a mountain, river, grass, trees and stones. Those who live in Satoyama have customs and a life style where they take only what they need. Where they respect nature and use things carefully without waste.

Modern Japanese culture and aesthetics come from the Satoyama perspective on nature.

ideaco design’s starting point is taken from Satoyama landscape. We strive for simplicity without waste. Our products add innovative ideas into daily life.

​This design is the epitome of form and function, serving its purpose with elegant beauty and simpicity in function while hiding not only waste, but also bag.


case covers box

A two-part solution: the simple Granroof (included) places over the tissue box to blend in perfectly with its surroundings.

  • The outer piece conceals the unsightly tissue box
  • Made from natural stone for high durability
  • Designed by the creative minds at Ideaco from Japan Osaka
  • 5.3 x 10.5 x 3.1 inches, 2.09 lbs

A Focus on Sustainability


TUBELOR Granroof is made of high quality materials like ABS and Silicone.

The ability to hide the unappealing tissue case means your tissues will become a part of your decor without clashing. This case is made with sustainability in mind and uses materials safe for long-term use in the home.

A History Of Global Recognition


Ideaco products are used in several marquee hotels worldwide, including Tokyo, Hong Kong, Paris and New York.  The multitude of size and finish variations ensure the correct match is always possible.


The tissue case withs well at home or at the office. With several colors and a standard size, the case will blend into a variety of spaces.


Since ideaco’s brand conception nearly thirty years ago, we’ve won several international design awards and competitions. 

ideaco embraces smart innovation making a sustainable future possible.

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