BOS Amazing Odor Sealing Baby Disposable Diaper Bags, Also for Pet Waste or Any Sanitary Product Disposal - Durable and Unscented (200 Bags) [Size: XS, Color: Pink]

Product Description

We are a Japanese manufacturing company which makes various types of high-performance plastic bags.

BOS has been developed utilizing the technology cultivated the development process to collect intestinal waste for healthcare application. BOS using unrivaled, odor-sealing technology developed over time, is recommended with our utmost confidence!!
Try these bags for yourself and experience the benefits of their amazing odor sealing performance!

Amazing Odor-Sealing Performance!
High performance by phenomenal odor sealing technology will surprise you!

Easy to use!

Easy to use!
Just put foul-smelling substances ito the bag, twist its top, securely tie a knot and  just toss it!
(The bags do not have handle to tie. Tying a knot is the best way to seal in odors.)

*While BOS's odor-sealing ability is great, it does not mean complete odor containment. Some odor may still be detected when the bags are disposed of and sealed in trash cans or pails.


A distinct difference in odor sealing was proven!

Odor Sealing Test #1
We sealed Skatole (foul-smelling organic compound) within the bags and measured its concentration leaking from the bags. BOS showed UNDETECTABLE level, which is less than the lower detection limit of 0.04ppm! 

Odor Sealing Test #2
We placed soiled diapers within BOS and other 3 brands, and asked product testers to smell odors escaping from each bag at the timing of 5 mins., 10 mins., a few hours later, and on the 2nd day, the 3rd day ・・・・・and on the 7th day.   80% of testers smelled NOTHING with BOS even after 7 days!

Variety of Sizes!

A variety of bag sizes!

The bags are available in a range of sizes from XX-Small to X-Large, and 5.2 Gallon!!

We have a variety of bag sizes and colors to suit your every need, but all of the bag odor sealing performances are the same.
*BOS also greatly seals in odors of food waste. Give it a go!

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