3000W Led Grow Light, Honorsen Full Spectrum Plant Light with Double Switch Veg and Bloom for Indoor Planting(300Pcs LEDs)
  • FULL SPECTRUM DESIGN: Infinite close to natural sunshine which has universal Blue, Red, IR, White light. Suitable for all plant stages from seed to flower. Effectively promote plant growth
  • VEG/BLOOM SWITCH: Double switch for plant at different grow stages. VEG ON for seeding/germination and young vegetative growth, BLOOM ON for flowering and fruiting, nurturing your plants throughout the growth cycle
  • WIDE COVERAGE: 3000W Led grow light only consumes about 600W which can replace traditional 2400 watt HPS/MH perfectly. perfect for a 8x8.5’ growing area at 24” height. More efficient than MH HPS HID and CFL lamps
  • POWERFUL COOLING SYSTEM: 2pcs quiet and powerful cooling fans, which can speed up the heat dissipation in the lamp, and effectively extend the service life. We adopt safety isolated power supply and high-temperature resistant materials to make sure absolute safety
  • SCIENTIFIC SPECTRAL: Our engineers have done a lot of research on spectral design, includes PAR value and PPFD testing, to ensure its science and effectiveness. We have a strong R&D team, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us and we will respond you as soon as possible
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3000W Led Grow Light, Honorsen Full Spectrum Plant Light with Double Switch Veg and Bloom for Indoor Planting(300Pcs LEDs)
3000W Led Grow Light, Honorsen Full Spectrum Plant Light with Double Switch Veg and Bloom for Indoor Planting(300Pcs LEDs)

Product Description

3000w LED grow light
recommend height and using suggestions

Warm Tips

  • Indoor use only, not waterproof
  • Extremely bright, do not look directly at the LED bulbs when the light is working
  • There are 4pcs important IR leds look dim, but they are working normally
  • The working environment of the lamp is -20~40℃, 45%~95% RH
  • Can be controlled by timer
  • Please observe your plants regularly, adjust the lighting height to meet your plant's need
HONORSEN 600W LED grow light HONORSEN 1200W LED grow light HONORSEN 1500W LED grow light HONORSEN 2000W LED grow light HONORSEN 3000W LED grow light
Rated Power 600W 1200W 1500W 2000W 3000W
Actual Power 120W 230W 280W 390W 580W
PPFD Value 425 umol/m²s 823 umol/m²s 1285 umol/m²s 1452 umol/m²s 1846 umol/m²s
VEG Coverage 2x2FT 2.5x2.5FT 3x3FT 3.8x3.8FT 4.5x4.5FT
BLOOM Coverage 1.5x1.5FT 2.2X2.2FT 2.5x2.5FT 3x3FT 3.5x3.5FT
HPS Replacement 450W 800W 1000W 1400W 2400W
Daisy Chain X
Full Spectrum
Double Switch
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