TSOMEI CASE - Clearance Sale - iPad 7th Generation 10.2 Case - 7 Angles Stand - Industrial Magnet - Premium Synthetic Leather - Pencil Holder (Black)

Clearance sale in order to pay factory rents and employee salaries!!! They are developed and sold by our own factory, please trust the quality of the product, thank you.

From the manufacturer


How do we make iPad cases?

Some materials are easy to stick to dust, or the edge will split when used for a long time, easy to be scratched, not comfortable enough, etc. Besides, weak magnets are not enough to hold, strong magnets are difficult to fit into the case and get a good look. We could have made this in appearance and told customers that we had this feature without mentioning that this was unstable, but we did not do it. We have spent a lot of time on how to do it beautifully and functionally. We have paid a lot of attention on the research and development of product and sticks to it as the long-term principle.

Why do we make iPad cases?

We entered the iPad case industry back in 2007, when the products were very simple, only for support and dustproof, and did not have much functions, actually the anti-drop performance was not good enough as well. As time progressed, people are paying more attention to the quality and functionality of their items. We have tested dozens of models, this is a new version of our flagship iPad case. When you pick up a TSOMEI case you instantly feel the quality. We look forward to hearing from you.

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