Diaper Changing Gloves + Dirty Diaper Bag (2 in 1) BabyBum Glove-Saks (50 pcs)

At Baby Bumco, we’ve simplified diaper changes on the go with our disposable Glove-Saks. Glove-saks are designed to reduce the amount of mess and germs you encounter when changing your baby’s diaper. Simply slip these blue gloves on and you’re covered! These reduce the risk of getting poop or urine on your hands. These gloves are long, reaching up to elbow-length on most women. They are incredibly easy to use: At Baby Bumco, we like to give these simple instructions: “clean the butt and tie it shut!” First, pull the glove on, then proceed with your normal diaper changing routine. Once you finish, pull the glove off inside out. It will convert to a dirty diaper sack! Each glove features 2 flaps on either side of the elbow to assist you in securing the sack shut. These sacks will trap the pungent smell of dirty diapers inside. Our gloves are perfect for when you’re on the go and there is no trash can nearby. Glove-saks can be used in many different settings. Use them at home for sick babies and newborns. They are also great for moms who feel uncomfortable with germs and bacteria. Some customers like to use these gloves in nurseries or daycares. This helps reduce the spread of infection during flu and cold season. It also assists in giving parents peace of mind about their babies’ diaper changes. You can give these gloves as gifts at baby showers, include them in an emergency kit, or make a gift basket for new moms. These gloves are the perfect size for travel and transportation. Just store them in your diaper bag, purse, car, or luggage. They are completely safe for your baby’s sensitive skin. The gloves are made from soft polyethylene (PE) material. They are vinyl-free and latex-free. The gloves come in a convenient dispenser box that will dispense one glove at a time. You’ll get 50 gloves, giving you plenty of uses. The box is thin and measures approximately 5.9 inches high. Give your baby a more sanitary diaper change with Baby Bumco’s glove-saks! Follow CDC guide

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