Tv Remote Control Holders Organizer Box with 5 Compartment PU Leather Multi-Functional Office Organization and Storage Caddy Store Tv Remote Holders,Brush,Pencil,Glasses and Media Player (Bule)

Product Description

  1. Where is the media control equipment? where is the office supplies? Maybe you have to take more time looking for your TV remote controls today, and tomorrow,, you forget where it put again. Do you want to look for control remote all the time. No need. you just need this remote caddy organizer.
  2. How long can you endure the mussy table and the narrow space which is not enough forever? Dont't you want to get more space in the room which is not big enough? Yes,we can do that. It is alao an office organization and storage box for office holder. It includes 5 compartments which can organize different types of office supplies well.
  3. Do you have a trouble with your family who are used to throwing things around? No one could find what anyone had put there.And do you need a plan to exercise children to make good habits. There have a caddy box for tv remote contronls, study supplies,art tools, makeup brush ,car keys, glasses and more household goods. Only one remote control holder is needed in your living room, it can provide the permanent position for you family.
remote caddy

Multi-functional storage box

Not only is the remote control box, but also things pen container, office desktop storage, brush tube.

remote caddy

pen holder

Good quality fabric

Waterproof fabric

new color remote control holder


This is our new color series of remote control box ,.We took into account more consumer demand for interior decoration and color preference.

There's barbie powder of remote control holder for girls, and it also holds little things for girls, so it's perfect for putting in front of a dresser for combs, brushes, and makeup.

Have bright yellow, it suits sunshine room very much, perhaps tie-in youth decorates a style

Then there's the mysterious blue, which we all love and which is more resistant to dirt than the other two .

We have upgraded the fabric of this new series. The whole remote control box is more wear-resistant, can last longer and is easy to clean.

We are professional in storing products.

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