Mordely Hair Chalk Set for Kids and Pets Dog Hair Dye With Disposable Gloves and Cape,Mordely 24 Colors Washable Hair Dye Art Gift for Kids Holloween Party, and Birthday Party Easter Party& Cosplay

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Are you dreaming of pastel-colored hair, but don’t want to commit to permanent hair dye? Mordely 24 Colors Hair Chalk is a perfect solution. You’ll feel like a kid on summer vacation again—and in the best way!

Chalk dyeing your hair is easy to do and low on commitment, as the chalk will fade after a few washes. Our hair chalk set includes 24 temporary shades that suit almost all hair colors, You can mix them all or use them individually to get beautiful layers of hair color based on your preference. it’s super easy to chalk dye your own hair at home having the same flawless result that you could get at a salon.

  • Temporary Hair dying! -This is perfect if you want a fun, funky and fresh hairstyle for the weekend but then you have to be back to normality for work or school on Monday morning!
  • SAFE & ZERO DAMAGE!- Hair Chalks are made of 100% non-toxic material and safe to use on all hair, whether it is used on be your own, your kids or even the family pet! And hair chalk does zero damage to your hair.
  • INSTANT COLOR DYING- These hair chalks deposit quickly and can change colors in seconds. They are amazing for quick makeovers for special parties and events, including your birthday, prom party or just when you want to look special and different.
  • WASHABLE HAIR CHALK- These water-soluble hair chalks are convenient to wash out with a shampoo, so you can create fresh and unique appearances to match with your mood and outfit every day by using different color combinations.
  • NO MESS CAUSED- The package comes with 3 disposal capes and 5 pairs gloves, there will be no mess caused while chalk up your hair.
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