Community Coffee Coffee & Chicory Single Serve K-Cup Compatible Coffee Pods, Box of 18 Pods
  • COFFEE & CHICORY: Our version of this New Orleans favorite combines Arabica beans with roasted chicory for a balance of sweetness, spice & body. Try it café au lait style with steamed milk & sugar.
  • COFFEE PODS: We take high-quality 100% Arabica beans, roast & grind them to perfection, then package them in single-serve coffee pods that are Keurig 2.0 (k-cup) compatible for quick & easy brewing.
  • COMMUNITY IS EVERYTHING: From using responsibly-sourced coffee beans to programs that support military service members, local schools & more, Community Coffee gives back to our partners & local communities in every way we can.
  • HOW YOU LIKE IT: We have k-cup compatible single-serve coffee pods for a quickly brewed cup. For reusable pods, we have whole beans or ground coffee for the same great Community Coffee taste.
  • QUALITY ASSURED: All of our coffee beans go through a rigorous scoring system for body, balance, flavor & aroma. Only then can they be considered fit to bear the Community Coffee name.
  • Coffee & Chicory
  • 18 Count
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Community Coffee Coffee & Chicory Single Serve K-Cup Compatible Coffee Pods, Box of 18 Pods
Community Coffee Coffee & Chicory Single Serve K-Cup Compatible Coffee Pods, Box of 18 Pods
Born in New Orleans and raised on four generations of coffee expertise, our version of this Southern favorite combines rich, roasted Arabica coffee beans with high-quality chicory for a bolder, sweeter flavor than coffee alone. We recommend trying it café au lait style with steamed milk for a more traditional flavor. Enjoy 18 cups of coffee. Enjoy the taste of our Coffee and Chicory medium dark roast (full body, medium brightness, rich and flavorful taste.) Perfect coffe and dessert pairings: enjoy Coffee and Chicory blend with your chocolate desserts as well as complex multi-flavored desserts. Coffee and Chicory blend also available in ground 16 ounce (1 pound) bag, 23 ounce bag, 32 ounce (2 lb) bag, 36 count and 72 count box single serve coffee pods (compatible with Keurig KCup brewers). You may also enjoy medium dark roast coffees Cafe Special Blend, House Blend, and other medium dark roasts from our gourmet coffee line: Private Reserve Founders Blend, and Private Reserve Evangeline Blend. The roast refers to the temperature which the coffee bean was roasted. The roast determines the flavor of the coffee. Light roasts are described as 'sweet' or 'well-balanced', while dark roasts are intense and lively. The body is the weight of the cofee on the tongue. It’s described as 'syrupy', 'heavy' or 'buttery'. The brightness (acidity) refers to the tangy quality, liveliness or bright note that highlights the flavor of the coffee. Acidity is felt on the sides and back of the tongue. High acidity is described as 'winey', 'bright', 'lively', 'sharp', or 'tangy'.

From the manufacturer

Community Coffee Community Coffee Community Coffee Community Coffee Community Coffee Community Coffee
Breakfast Blend Café Special House Blend Signature Blend French Roast New Orleans Blend
Roast Medium Roast Medium-Dark Medium-Dark Dark Dark Dark
Taste Profile Bright, smooth flavor with notes of honey and hazelnut Smooth, flavorful blend with notes of caramel and cocoa Blended for rich flavor and notes of milk chocolate and berry Our original dark roast blend with notes of decadent dark chocolate Full-bodied coffee with a rich, smoky profile Bold, lively blend with a smooth, complex finish
Available in single-serve coffee pods
Family-Owned Since 1919

Our Story

In 1919 my great grandfather 'Cap' Saurage discovered the secret of making our special coffee. He named it 'Community Coffee' out of appreciation for his community of friends and the customers he served. Four generations later, our family is still active in selecting, roasting, and perfecting great-tasting blends for coffee lovers everywhere.

Matt Saurage

- Fourth Generation Owner

Family-Owned Since 1919

Giving Back To The Communities We Serve

Make It Community

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