ArtBin 6855SC Super Satchel Cube - 15.5 x 16.75 x 15.625 in. Arts and Crafts Supply Storage with Pre-Drilled Holes, 6 Rail Set, Customizable, White
  • Craft and Art Supply Organizer: A Great way to organize your creative space! Accommodates slim, standard and deep Super Satchel Boxes of the ArtBin Super Satchel System which can slide out for easy access.
  • Material Used: The Super Satchel Cube is made from highly durable material that allows it to resist wear & tear. The classic White finish of this cube shaped storage cubby ensures it blends seamlessly with the décor of your craft room or studio and maximizes your space in an aesthetically pleasing fashion.
  • Design: The tops and bottoms of each cube are pre-drilled and include pegs for a stacking option. Caps for the top holes of each cube are also included for a finished look. Organize your Super Satchel boxes in any order, regardless of size!
  • Customization: the Super Satchel Cube can fit any slim, standard or double deep Super Satchel, and can be customized with any full sized Super Satchel Box, including ArtBin’s 6955AB, 6990AB, 9001AB, 9100AB, 9007AB, 9101AB
  • Specifications: ArtBin Super Satchel Cube measures 15.5 x 16.75 x 15.625 in. It is equipped with 6 sets of rails for creating shelves for storage boxes
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ArtBin 6855SC Super Satchel Cube - 15.5 x 16.75 x 15.625 in. Arts and Crafts Supply Storage with Pre-Drilled Holes, 6 Rail Set, Customizable, White
ArtBin 6855SC Super Satchel Cube - 15.5 x 16.75 x 15.625 in. Arts and Crafts Supply Storage with Pre-Drilled Holes, 6 Rail Set, Customizable, White
ArtBin Super Satchel Cube provides a great storage solution to help you keeping the clutter out of your workspaces or rooms. This storage cabinet can accommodate a variety of storage boxes and containers. This type of cubby is perfect for stacking up your art and craft supplies boxes, keeping them organized at one place. The high-quality construction of this storage cube makes it durable enough to stand the test of time. The pre-drilled holes inside the cubical cabinet allow easy rail setting to provide shelf space for different storage boxes. The pre-drilled holes on the top and bottom of the cabinet enables you to stack more storage cubes. It offers easy access to the supplies in boxes by easily sliding the boxes out.

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9100AB Super Satchel Slim Open 9101AB Super Satchel Slim w/ Removable Dividers 6955AB Super Satchel Open 9007AB Super Satchel w/ Removable Dividers 6925AB Super Semi-Satchel 6990AB Super Satchel Double Deep w/ Removable Dividers
Super Satchel Cube Model Number: 6855SC
Cone Thread Tray Model Number: ARTBIN6901AB
Rolling Tote Model Number: 6822AG
Thread Storage Tray Model Number 6820AG
Paint Storage Tray Model Number: 6828AG
Ribbon Storage Rack Model Number: 6826AG
Marker Storage Tray Model Number: 6939AB
3-Pack Bins with Lids Model Number: 6970AG

ArtBin 9101 Super Satchel Slim with Removable Dividers

This Super Satchel Slim has 8 fixed compartments and 20 removable dividers for endless storage possibilities! It has secure latches and an easy grip hand area in front. Excellent for scrapbooking punches, embellishments, eyelets, trims, tools, small stamps and pads and holds a wide variety of beads and supplies for beaders. Quilters and sewers will love it for pins, needles, thread, tapes, scissors and marking devices. Great for storing floss and supplies for needle arts, as well as small art supplies. This box fits into our Super Satchel Cube (6855SC) and our rolling Tote (6822AG).


ArtBin 9101


ArtBin 9007


ArtBin 6925


ArtBin 6990

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