RAW Built Tech Abdominal Core Sliders - Set of 2 Fitness Glide Plates - Great for Abs, Crossfit, Cross Training, Push-ups and Planks - Full Body Core Exercise - Dual Sided Design Works on Any Surface
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RAW Built Tech Abdominal Core Sliders - Set of 2 Fitness Glide Plates - Great for Abs, Crossfit, Cross Training, Push-ups and Planks - Full Body Core Exercise - Dual Sided Design Works on Any Surface
RAW Built Tech Abdominal Core Sliders - Set of 2 Fitness Glide Plates - Great for Abs, Crossfit, Cross Training, Push-ups and Planks - Full Body Core Exercise - Dual Sided Design Works on Any Surface

Product Description

Want to get more out of your pushups? Who doesn't? We all want a home gym addition to help shed pounds, and here is the answer for you!

RAWBuiltTech's New and Improved Glide Plates are specially re-designed to help reduce friction when sliding with a specialized slick side so you can focus on your workout while making life easier for your wrists.

Use this set of 2 elite core sliders at home or in the gym. These versatile and heavy duty plates can be used anywhere for instant gains! At 7" each, they will fit most hands and feet to give you the best workout, and after your killer workout, they fit neatly away in your gym bag!

So what are you waiting for?


Double-Sided Core Sliding Discs Work Great on Carpet and Hardwood Floors

Can Take Them Anywhere With You While Traveling

Will Compliment any Strength and Fitness Routine

Whole Body Workout to Hit All Parts of Your Body

Great Addition to Your Home Gym For Those That Like to Switch Things Up

Awesome Variation to Your Abdominal/Core Workout

Smooth Side for Carpet Floors and Fabric Side for Hard Floor

RAWBuilt Tech is a name you can trust.

Ask any one of our 10,000+ Satisfied customers!

If your RAWBuilt Core Sliders EVER break, we will replace it.

RAW Built Tech's Professional Quality Core Sliders, Versatile and Durable Glide Plates

RAW Built Tech Set of 2 Glide Plates, Core Sliders, Ab Gliders

If you are looking for a new addition to your home gym or a quick abdominal workout for your gym bag, look no further! These are the Glide Plates you have been looking for. One of the most versatile and comprehensive workout tools on the market. Push your limits and glide your way to the six-pack you have always dreamed of.

Just imagine those glorious abs reflecting sunlight as you bask in the sun, and better yet, imagine the envy on your friends faces when you show up with a chiseled physique in comparison to their flabby pin cushion belly. Oh, the power of abs, and yet we always seem to neglect them for so long! Well, not anymore! Literally STEP your game up and add a fun new twist to your routine. When you are done with your sweat-fest, toss the sliders back into your gym bag and eagerly await your next adventure.

Can't make it to the gym?

Ab Slider Plates For Ab Workouts

--> Stop making excuses, pull your sliders out of your gym bag and get moving! <--
When the sliders were designed, we specifically wanted them to be dual sided (meaning they work on carpet or hard floors), so you'll have no excuse not to pull out these core-thrashing disks!
The slick slide of the plate is designed for use on carpet, or other soft surfaces, giving you a nice smooth slide and glide.
--> Have no room on your carpet for your workout you say? STILL no excuses! <--
Flip your glide plate over and let the padded side move safely over your beautiful hard wood floor, intricate tile work, or utility laminate. 
We strongly discourage a glide across beautiful hardwood with our plastic side! That is why we made the soft side, well, besides the extra padding for your wrist. 

Universal Size, for Unlimited Uses!

Each plate measures 7" (inches) in diameter, which should fit most hands and feet. For almost every exercise, you will probably use your palms or the balls of your feet, so a little excess finger hang makes it that much more interesting! There is a chance you are a complete beast, and have the hands of a giant... If that is the case, use one finger then! Our disks were designed with no lip or curves on the edges to make sure there is no interference with your glide, just incase you have bigger hands than us.

Master your technique to truly exceed.

Quality that surpasses the competition!

Sliding Mountain Climber Ab Workout Glide Pates for Fitness

The dual glide disks are nearly unbreakable, and will easily hold up to your P90X or Insanity routines.

Elite Core disks, Full body workout tool Fitness girl RAW Built Tech

Use them in your bedroom, your home gym, your friends' home gym, and your local gym, in the kitchen, hallway, and laundry room... Practically ANYWHERE inside.

Fit girl With Glide Plates, Core disks

Join the RAW Built Community by adding the sliders to your cart and see how this product will change your life for the better.

- Sincerely,

RAW Built Tech

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