Ice Cream Fabric Wall Decals - Set of 10 Colorful Icecream Pattern Décor, Kids Room, Nursery Decal Peel and Stick Graphic

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Product Description

Transform any room in your home with ease using fabric wall decals from Sunny Decals. We have hundreds of whimsical and creative wall stickers featuring a wide variety of images and designs. From simple patterns, shapes and borders to colorful building blocks and cute woodland creatures, there's something for everyone in our selection.

Our peel-and-stick wall decals are both easy to use and non-toxic, making them ideal for decorating kid's rooms, nurseries, playrooms and classrooms. Wherever you decide to use them, the matte finish of our decals will give the appearance of a painted mural, bringing boring walls and rooms in line with your unique style.

hexagon fabric wall decal style for everyone kids adults

A Variety of Designs

We carry a variety of designs for adults, kids, babies, and more. Our decals are perfect for bedrooms, playrooms, classrooms, man caves, furniture and more. Click through the photos below to see some of our designs.

hexagon fabric wall decal style for everyone kids adults

Design for Every Style

diamond adult fabric wall decal

Designs for Adults

kids fabric wall decal

Designs for Kids

baby fabric wall decal

Designs for Babies

Vinyl vs. Fabric Wall Decals

vinyl vs fabric wall decal sticker

Whether you want to add a single, personalized decal to your child's room or spruce up an entire space with colorful, geometric shapes, there are advantages to choosing fabric decals instead of vinyl. Compared to the typical vinyl wall sticker, Sunny Decals' polyester decals tend to be:

  • Higher quality: The thicker nature of fabric wall decals means it resists damage such as stretching and tearing better than vinyl. With these durable wall decals, you can apply and reapply decorations without damage.
  • Easier to use: Vinyl wall decals stick to themselves when folded over and may tear when you try to separate them. Fabric wall decals can be easily peeled apart without stretching or other damage, preventing frustration during the application process.
  • Longer lasting: Unlike most vinyl wall stickers, our fabric wall decals can be removed from the wall and reapplied without losing their stickiness. This feature will allow you to give your decorations new life and enjoy them for years to come!

How to Apply Fabric Wall Decals

Prep the Surface:

1. Use a slightly damp cloth to wipe the surface of your walls down to remove any dust.

2. Let it dry completely. The cleaner your walls are, the better the decals will work.

Apply Your Decals:

1. Carefully remove the sticker from its backing.

2. Loosely position the design where you want it.

3. Using gentle but firm pressure, start from one end and smooth the decal out while working your way to the other end.

4. If the decal folds in and sticks to itself while applying, simply pull the edges apart taking care to be gentle in the more delicate areas.

For larger decals or those with more intricate shapes ask a friend or two to help with installation.

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