LA GONDOLA Professional Adjustable Pasta Cutter with 2 Smooth Wheels in Durable Brass Natural Wood Handle
  • Professional Adjustable Ravioli Cutter with 2 Smooth Wheels in Brass and Natural Wood
  • Lifetime guarantee for This Double Ravioli Cutter with Straight Wheels
  • Truly artisan production ,Made in Italy Max Width 11,5 cm - 4 inches
  • What Our Customer say:\"The best available on Amazon or elsewhere. A fantastic product. Have used this product in both a professional and home setting. Difficult to find pasta wheels of this caliber in any other store, online or otherwise. Strongly recommend. Thank you. Praise lagondola\" \"Best cutter ever. I've never even seen another as heavy duty. I've used many other types and don't see a need for any other one after using this\"
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LA GONDOLA Professional Adjustable Pasta Cutter with 2 Smooth Wheels in Durable Brass Natural Wood Handle
LA GONDOLA Professional Adjustable Pasta Cutter with 2 Smooth Wheels in Durable Brass Natural Wood Handle


Product Description

La Gondola The Ultimate Italian Pasta Cutters & Stamps- Carefully crafted fine products since 1997.

Professional Tools for the most demanding clients. Handmade products made in Brass & Natural Wood for the most exquisite dishes.

The different product categories are similar in their fine quality and in the attention paid to small details which have made the Italian style famous worldwide.

  • Within each category, the products are periodically updated so that you will always discover new releases.

LaGondola Ravioli Cutters & Stamps are unlike anything else !

ravioli cutter

Professional Italian Pasta Cutters & Stamps in Brass

Professional Pasta Cutters and Ravioli Stamp , in brass and natural wood Perfect as unique gift to all the home made pasta lovers

LaGondola offers many types of pasta tools to fulfill all your cooking needs:

- Festooned (riged/fluted ) Cutter Wheel

- Smooth (plain) Cutter Wheel

- Double Combined Cutter

- Double Fluted Roller Cutter

- Double Smooth Roler Cutter

- Round Stamp 50mm

- Round Anolini Stamp 42mm

- Round Stamp Flower 50mm

- Round Corzetti Stamp 50mm

- Round Stamp 65mm

- Square Stamp 45x 45mm

- Rectangular 45x55mm

Smooth Pastry Cutter Wheel

italian pasta cutter

From Italy with Love.

Professional Bakery Arts right at home.

Truly artisan production , Made in Italy .

The various proposals presented by La Gondola are aimed not only at people searching for top quality items, but also at the most demanding collectors.

  • The products selected must live up to very rigorous criteria; the same rigorous attention is also applied to the manufacturing process.

Turn your meal into a feast !

professional pasta cutter

Turn your meal into a feast.

Home made pasta - the italian style.

The best part of making your own pasta is the ability to experiment and choose from a large variety of dishes.

It can be a lot less intimidating than you might think when you have the right tools.

Capellini? Not a problem.

Pappardele, fettuccine or linguini? Absolutely delicious.

Tagliatelle or pici? Now that sounds like a real feast!

Home made pasta - the italian style.

anolini stamp
pasta cutter
ravioli stamp
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