True Color Case Compatible with LG G6 Case - Clear-Shield Golden Paisley Printed on Clear Back - Soft and Hard Thin Shock Absorbing Protective Bumper Cover
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True Color Case Compatible with LG G6 Case - Clear-Shield Golden Paisley Printed on Clear Back - Soft and Hard Thin Shock Absorbing Protective Bumper Cover
True Color Case Compatible with LG G6 Case - Clear-Shield Golden Paisley Printed on Clear Back - Soft and Hard Thin Shock Absorbing Protective Bumper Cover


Product Description

TCNY New Clear Protective Phone Case - Hello Style, Welcome Protection

True Color New York [TCNY] designs are inspired by the energy, colors and cutting-edge sophistication of the city that never sleeps. Our aim is to design exciting fashionable, quality phone accessories that are practical for everyone who uses a phone.

Your smartphone deserves top notch protection. Your phone isn’t just a phone anymore. It connects you with loved ones, facilitates your busy schedules and is filled with photos and many priceless memories. We use only the highest quality materials, design and construction to bring you a superior product that will exceed your expectations. Let your true colors shine through with True Color New York cases and wallets.

Top Quality Printing Achieves Stunning Results !

We use the best UV printed on the market to ensure we attain the best possible printed graphics for our customers. Here at True Color New York we find the most stylish and savvy  designs inspired by beautiful big cities to bring you the highest quality prints and styles available. The stunning detail our high quality our printer can achieve is so remarkable our cases will leave you wanting more. Get a few different styles to so you can switch up your phone case to go with your mood or outfit! We have so many awesome designs that will make you truly happy you chose True Color New York to protect your cellphone. There are so many different options with such a high quality our cases make the perfect birthday gift to give to anyone. Our design selection makes it easy to find the perfect, quality gift for a friend or loved one.

With our technique of printing the prints and designs on the case will never fade or come off. Our cases are designed to truly weather the storm. With our case the colors and stunning detail will stay crisp, clear, and vibrant for you to enjoy for many months to come. We choose top quality, high grade ink that helps support our environment as well! We care about the earth, and we make our products to reflect our values. All of our cases designs are proudly printed in the USA. Buy with complete confidence when choosing True Color New York phone cases to protect your phone and show off your sense of style!

EASY TO USE- All ports and buttons easily accessible, Just Snap-on & go!

  • EASY TO USE - All you have to do is snap on & go! The case is super user friendly and so easy to install and use our clear iPhone case with in moments of receiving our product! Our protective case has covered soft touch volume buttons that are sensitive to the touch and effortless to use. The mute button on your phone is easily accessed and adjusted. The enlarged charging port allows most third party charger designs to easily plug into your phone without hassle. All of these features make our iPhone case light & incredibly user friendly.
  • SLIM & SLEEK DESIGN - Our clear iPhone case is super sleek & slim while staying completely protective. The 1.5mm raised lip that runs along the edge of your phone case protects your screen while on flat surfaces to help prevent screen scratches and general screen wear and tear. Four resting pins in each of the phone case’s corners lift the back of the phone from the surface and provides protection for both the back camera lens and the front camera lens to keep you photos looking crisp and clear. Help prevent damage on your phone with our sleek, slim, yet incredibly protective case! So many qualities that make our stylish cases stand above the rest.


Styling Your Smartphone Without Compromising Protection!

Shockproof features:
Our protective phone cases are shockproof and protect your phone from accidental drops. We have drop tested our phone cases from a 6 foot drop and they have top notch protection maintained. Your phone is safe with our case protecting it! Feel at ease with our case backing your phone

Screen protection & camera protection:
Our case comes with built in screen protection. This screen protection comes from a 1.5mm raised lip that creates a buffer between the screen and the surface the phone is in contact with. Our case also comes with added camera protection as well that allows the lens of your phone’s camera to remain completely protected and out of harm’s way. The combination protection covers all aspects of your phone and keeps it safe.

All of True Color New York [TCNY] designs are all created and printed with care in the USA. Stunning high quality American made designs will truly impress you, and last! We love our product and stand by our product’s quality and longevity 100%!

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