Metallic Marker Pens, Paint Pens for Rock Painting, Black Paper, Scrapbooking Kit, Photo Album, Card Making, DIY Craft, Glass, Wood, Set of 10 Metallic Colors - Medium Tip Paint Markers

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Metallic Paint Pens for Rocks Painting, Scrapbook, Photo Album, Glass, Metal, Ceramic, Craft Making Supplies Kids. Water-Based Metallic Marker Pens Fine Point Permanent.10 Assorted Metallic Colors/Set

10 Assorted Colors/Set: Gold, Silver, Black, White, Pink, Olive, Green, Blue, Purple and Brown. Incredibly popular with kids and adults.

Suitable for:


Art students

Amateur artists

Professional artists

Painting Markers for Rock Painting

JR.WHITE Metallic Marker Paint Pen

Total Length: Approx 135mm

Line Width: Approx 2mm

Ideal for Adult Coloring Books, Rock Art Painting, Glass, DIY Photo Album, Black Cardstock, Sketchpad, Scrapbooking, Stone,Rocks, Pottery, Craft, Black Paper, Gift Cards, Ceramic mugs and more.


When the white color write on white paper,the color will not appear immedaitely,you should wait for 5s.The white pens will be good to use on black paper.

The best surface to use our metallic marker would be glossy surface,we do not recommend you use this marker on some Strong penetration surface.

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