Deconovo Wave Printed Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtains Room Darkening Curtain Energy Efficient Panel Grommet Top Drapery Drapes for Bedroom 52W x 96L Inch 2 Panels Light Grey

52Wx96L Inch
Light Grey
  • 100% Polyester
  • Deconovo decorative blackout curtains are made of 100 percent high quality polyester fabric. Fashioned with a solid color, these curtains are finished with foil printed wave lines on the front face to make it graceful.
  • Our room darkening blockout curtains obstruct all sources of light from entering any room through the window, at any time of the day. These curtain panels can also offer high privacy protection.
  • As thermal insulated curtains, these panels aid in saving on energy cost on heating and cooling a room. They can reduce heat loss and penetration into any room. These curtains are noise reducing, perfect for those in noisy neighborhoods.
  • Offered in sets of 2 panels per package, each measuring 52W x 96L inch. There are 8 silver anti-rust grommets measuring 1.6 inch in inner and 2.4 inch exterior diameters. Our curtains can be installed in a bedroom, living room, office and more.
  • Hand wash is recommended, wash below 86°F. Do not bleach, do not tumble dry. Iron at low temperature settings.

Product Description

blackout curtains

Create a cheerful atmosphere to ensure cozy and peaceful moments with your loved ones.

Deconovo blackout curtains feature a remarkable wave pattern that depicts strong attachments between people, as you and your loved ones. These are decorative curtains crafted to beautify your room and enhance the setting. With these excellent, fashionable and functional curtains, you will be able to create a cheerful ambience in any room. After hanging these Deconovo light blocking panels, your home will become a haven in which you will spend memorable moments with your family and guests.

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Colors Option 6 Colors 14 Colors 7 Colors 6 Colors 11 Colors 4 Colors
Size Option 52 inch x 45/54/63/72/84/96 inch 52 inch x 45/54/63/72/84/96/108 inch 52/42 inch x 45/54/63/72/84/95 inch 52 inch x 45/54/72/63/84 inch 42/52 inch x 45/54/63/72/84/96/108 inch 52 inch x 45/54/63/72/84/95 inch
Performance 100% blackout 85%-98% blackout 100% blackout 85%-98% blackout 85%-98% blackout Light Filtering
Crafts Work Composite Coating Solid Coating Back Layer Solid Wave Foil Print Wave Foil Print
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