BAYKA Electric Kettle, 1.7L Tea Kettle with LED Indicator, Cordless Hot Water Glass Kettle for Coffee, Tea, Beverages Featuring Auto Shut-Off & Boil-Dry Protection

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Product Description


About BAYKA glass electric kettle:

For many years, people have been using aluminum kettles or stainless steel kettles to boil water. These kettles take a long time to boil water and tend to accumulate scale, making it difficult to clean and for people to get healthy drinking water.

Bayka aims to improve our lifestyle by providing a more efficient and safer way of addressing certain concerns by creating this innovative glass electric kettle.

It features a 1.7L capacity jug and 1500W heating technology that can serve 8 cups of hot water within 7 minutes. To address any safety or BPA concerns, the jug is made of glass, therefore water doesn't come in contact with plastic.


1.Check that the voltage indicated on the appliance (underneath the kettle & base) corresponds with the voltage in your home before use.

2.Do not touch the hot surface and avoid contact with steam from the spout while water is boiling.

3.If you use hard water, we recommend cleaning the kettle once a week.

Product Specifications:

Max capacity: 1.7L

Rated power: 1500W,120V AC 60Hz

Dimensions: 230*145*260mm(L*W*H)

Rated Voltage: 110-120 V

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