H2wOw Water Enhancer Drops ORGANIC & Natural Extracts of Real Fruit - a Hint of Organic Stevia - 2.1oz bottles Variety 4 Pack

Product Description

H2wOw Variety Pack

THE NATURAL CHOICE: Introducing H2wOw, the first truly NATURAL water enhancer made from extracts and essences of real fruit and botanicals. We source the finest ingredients from all over the world (like cold-pressed South African Lime Oil or wild harvested Nepalese Lemongrass Oil) and add key natural electrolytes to keep you hydrated. Then, we lightly sweeten H2wOw with a hint of organic agave and a touch of organic stevia to create an amazing natural water infusion with only 3 calories per serving. Unlike other water enhancers, H2wOw contains --No Artificial Colors --No Artificial Sweeteners --No Artificial Flavors --No Artificial Preservatives.

THE CLEAR CHOICE FOR YOUR BUSY LIFESTYLE: H2wOw is CLEAR, clean, refreshing and convenient so you can take it anywhere. With 24 servings in a 2 oz bottle, H2wOw provides a concentrated formula that is great for your on-the-go lifestyle. You can use it in tap water, sparkling water, bottled water or try flavoring your iced tea to create something special. You can even add H2wOw to alcohol to create a unique and exciting drink- like a cucumber lemongrass or ginger lime martini. So throw one in your gym bag, keep some on the kitchen counter, bring some to the office and make sure you take it with you to restaurants or anywhere you want to make boring water taste better.

HOW TO USE IT: We like to say "Just Squeeze to Please:" Simply give it a little shake, flip the cap and squeeze a couple of squirts into your water or beverage (1-2 squirts per 8oz of water). With H2wOw you can personalize your beverage to how you like it...a little for a hint of goodness or more for a bit stronger taste experience.

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