HD 1920x1080 Digital Photo Frame 10 Inch Digital Picture Frame Include 32GB SD Card, Supports Photo Auto-Rotate, Auto Play, Auto Power On/Off, Background Music, Calendar

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Product Description

digital frames digital photo frame


1. It is NOT a WiFi frame with internal storage and can’t connect with phone or share photos through email address, needs to plug SD card or USB drive with photos to work.

2. It is NOT battery powered, please plug it into an outlet with the AC adapter in the package.

Quick Operation Guide:

1. Insert the micro card into the card adapter and format the SD card to FAT32 on your PC.

2. Copy your photo, music or video files from your PC to SD card.

3. Plug with the AC power adapter and turn on the frame

4. Go to "Setting" to set up "Start Up" , "Slide Speed", "Repeat Mode" as your preference.

5. Plug the SD card to frame and it will display photos.

digital picture frame digital frames digital photo frame

Settings Guide:

1. Change auto play mode:

go to ‘Setting’ - 'Start Up'(Options: Mix-Play, Movie, Music, Photo, Music Photo, none).

2. Personalize Slideshow:

go to "Setting" - set up "Slide Speed",“Slideshow Effect”, "Repeat Mode"

3. Set up Calendar:

go to ‘setting’ - ‘Date’ - set the calendar date - ‘Time’ - set the calendar time.

4. Set up Alarm Clock:

go to ‘setting’ - ‘Alarm Time’ - set the time and switch it to ‘On’.

5. Set up Auto Power On/Off Time:

go to ‘setting’ - ‘Auto Power on’ - set the time and change the mode to ‘On’ - ‘Auto Power off’ - set the time and change the mode to ‘On’.

6. Delete Photos:

go to "Explorer"- choose the photo file you want to delete -press "EXIT" button on remote for 3s and release to delete this file.

7. Set up Display Ratio(if you have photo distorted issue):

go to ‘setting’ - "Display Ratio" - choose "Original Size"

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