Vestaware Electric Kettle Glass Temperature Control, 1.7L Tea Kettle Cordless with LED Blue Light, Water Kettle Electric with Auto Shut-Off & Boil Dry Protection,Keep-Warm Function

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Product Description

New elements of modern kitchen that you deserve!

A completely different LED lighting glass kettle healthier than a plastic electric kettle !

A completely different LED lighting glass kettle more elegant than a pure stainless steel electric kettle !

A completely different LED lighting glass kettle several times better than any hot water pot you have used before !


100% visible safe boiling gives you an upgraded experience!


A perfect electric kettle for all your brewing needs!

  • Drip Coffee: 200 Fahrenheit,Steep for 5 min
  • Espresso: 195 Fahrenheit,Steep for 20~30sec
  • French Press: 195 Fahrenheit,Steep for 2~4 min
  • AeroPress: 180 Fahrenheit,Steep for 10~50 sec
  • White Tea: 160 Fahrenheit,Steep for 4~6 min
  • Flavored White Tea: 175 Fahrenheit , Steep for 2 min
  • Green Tea:175 Fahrenheit , Steep for 2~4 min
  • Flavored Green Tea:175 Fahrenheit,Steep for 45 sec ~ 1 min
  • Oolong Tea: 190 Fahrenheit ,Steep for 5~8 min
  • Black Tea: Boiling Water, Steep for 5~8 min
  • Flavored Black Tea: 195 Fahrenheit~ 205 Fahrenheit,Steep for 2~3 min
  • Rooibos Tea: Boiling Water, Steep for 5~6 min


  • Capacity:1.7L.
  • 120V,60Hz,1500W.
  • Strix controller.
  • Variable temperature control from 105 Fahrenheit to 212 Fahrenheit.
  • Keep warm temperature setting from 105 Fahrenheit to 205 Fahrenheit.
  • Power cord external length 70~75cm.
  • UL two pin polarity plug .

Vestaware Care for you

*The lid is made of food-grade polypropylene (PP) that can directly contact water and won't endanger peoples health.

*If you want to select the keep-warm function, press the keep-warm button again. If no action is taken for 60 minutes under the keep-warm mode, the kettle will switch off.

*Please clean with citric acid or vinegar can be used to wash to any remove mineral build up that may have occurred.

*The water inside the kettle can't higher than the maximum water level scale, and also can't lower than the minimum water level scale when boiling water. Otherwise the kettle does not heat up the water at a desirable level.

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