Infrared Heating Lamp - FDA Registered for Muscle Pain Therapy Treatment - VITA Activate Heat Lamp | Joint, Back Muscle Pain Relief
  • ✔ NATURAL PAIN RELIEF and SAFE TO USE - The natural energy of this heating lamp is identical to that generated in our own bodies. It is naturally absorbed into our tissues. Stimulates micro-circulation delivering high quality of oxygen and nutrients to the body. Will feel like a gentle warmth within the surrounding area creating a relaxed and serene feeling.
  • NEW THIRD GENERATION MODEL - GREAT FOR MUSCLE AND PAIN RELIEF Infrared Red Light Spectrum falls into the visible light spectrum of 630-700 nm found on the electromagnetic scale. Helps advance the immune system, muscle relief, improve blood circulation, and the energy that is absorbed encourages positive emotions and strength.
  • HIGH QUALITY ENHANCED POWER - Best G-05A with 110V, 60 Hz, 150 Watts the maximum working time is 0-60 minutes each treatment time 1-2 times a day. Adjustable distance between lamp head and irradiation site 25cm-35cm.
  • GET DEEP PENETRATING FAR INFRARED RAYS that is soothing and calming. The invisible rays of the Infrared Heat Lamp penetrate deep into the body, penetrating deep into muscle, bone and tissue. These waves slightly increase the temperature of the body in the vital areas that you focus.
  • RELIABLE CONTROL PANEL - 60 Minutes Timer + Adjustable heat control from 0-150 degrees. Tilt radius capability is 10 degrees. Comes with caged lamp head barring protection cap comes with replaceable infrared light bulbs.
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Infrared Heating Lamp - FDA Registered for Muscle Pain Therapy Treatment - VITA Activate Heat Lamp | Joint, Back Muscle Pain Relief
Infrared Heating Lamp - FDA Registered for Muscle Pain Therapy Treatment - VITA Activate Heat Lamp | Joint, Back Muscle Pain Relief


Product Description

Alleviate Discomforts and Pain with Vita Activate Infrared Lamp

  1. Tight muscles
  2. Stiff joints and inflammation
  3. Poor blood flow & high blood pressure
  4. Osteoarthritis/Rheumatoid Arthritis
  5. Stress & Depression

Say Goodbye to Pain - Improved Infrared Lamp to Naturally Enhance the Healing Process of Your Body - by Vita Activate

3rd Generation is Longer lasting than the 2nd Generation This is Your go to Lamp to Invest in!

  • It also enhancing the natural processes of a healthy circulatory system
  • The subtle heat rays ease the blood flow through your arteries, veins and capillaries
  • Regular use can act as a relief from a host of psychological states such as depression, anxiety or simple everyday stress
  • Having this in your home gives you the chance to benefit from this treatment whenever you need it
  • Ensuring that your mental well being matches your physical well-being

Fortunately, you can have this technology at home safely. Vita Activate infrard lamp comes with minimal heat, but with effective infrared rays to help relieve your pain

Why Not Use “Regular” Heat?

A regular electric heating pad won’t help you relieve joint pain in the long term, because the heat doesn’t penetrate your skin all the way to your joints and the muscles surrounding them.

You need the infrared wavelength.

You need to harness the power of the sun!

Plus: regular electric heating pads can burn your skin and are sometimes a fire hazard.

Per clients, doctors and physicians mandatory requests we have innovated the temperature of the lamp to give off only minimal heat to the body.

How does VITA ACTIVATE Infrared Lamp Help Relieve pain with Deep Penetrating Infrared Rays?

  • The invisible rays of the Infrared Heat Lamp penetrate deep into the body, penetrating deep into muscle, bone and tissue
  • These waves slightly increase the temperature of the body in the vital areas that you massage
  • Infrared wave has many beneficial effects on your body. We are all familiar with the sensation of being massaged

It provides just that and puts you in control, while asking for minimal effort. You may not feel Infrared wave instantly, but after several session you will notice your body recovery process has been enhanced.

Major Benefits and Features of VITA ACTIVATE Infrared Lamp that Makes This Superior to Other Models

Profound Health Benefits

Whether you are targeting tight muscles, stiff joints or inflammation. Increases the level of nutrients and oxygen in your body aiding the replenishment of damaged cells.

Release Nitricoxide into the Hemoglobin of the Blood

The unseen and unnoticed effects of the circulatory system are greatly enhanced by use of the Lamp. Vitally lowering your blood pressure.


Therapy is Both Calming and Soothing

The distressing effects of a massage are well known and highly sought after. With the Infrared Heat Device you can give yourself this experience.

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