Massage Mat with 10 Vibrating Motors and 4 Therapy Heating pad Full Body Massager Cushion for Relieving Back Lumbar Leg Pain SL-363 Snailax

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full body massage mat massager for neck and  upper back lower back vibration heating pad

Snailax Full body Massage Mat with Heat

Make your entire body feel comfortable and relaxed with this Snailax Full Body Vibration Massage mat.

A full-body vibrating massage allows you to relax and soothe stiff muscles to soothe fatigue. Like having a Spa treatment after coming in from work or a hard day, and will make you fall asleep in comfort.

This massage mat combines 10 massage motors and 4 heating pads. There are five massage mode options targeted on combinations of different body areas covering shoulder ,back, thighs and legs , and there are 3 vibration massage intensity options. Great choices for which areas you want to massage and how intense you want it to be. The optional heating function loosen tense muscle to melt away the stress of a long day.

0 Motors Vibrating Massage Mattress Pad with 2 Heating Pads  Pain Relief Neck Back Lumbar Calf full body massage mat heating pad for entire body memory foam massage mat with heat massage pad full body mattress
Stardand Upgraded Deluxe
Top material Soft Polyester Optics Soft Plush Optics Soft Plush
Padding High-density Foam High-density Foam Memory Foam & High-density Foam
Heating 2 heating pads for full back 4 heating pads from shoulder to feet 6 heating pads from neck to feet, neck heat is independent
great gift ideal for wife husband mother father friends on mother's day father's day Christmas day
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