KULIK SYSTEM - New Lumbar Support for Car - Innovative Car Back Support - Car Seat Cushions for Lower Back Pain Relief - Lower Back Pillow for Car - Patented (Black)

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Product Description

Our team has more than 30 years of experience in rehabilitation of spine and ergonomic products. The "KULIK SYSTEM" Driver Help was specially designed to prevent regular unnatural spine bending and make it stay in correct position. The spine is used to stay in correct position, this way, and manages to escape the vertebral nerve pinching and discs loss.

Driver Help filler - is a monobloc resistant elastomer widely used in aviation industry. This material effectively absorbs vibrations unavoidable during the flight. In conditions of physical activity deficiency when driving, perfect vibration-isolating characteristics of this elastic cellular filler prevent from losing spine flexibility and intervertebral disc elasticity.

How to install a posture corrector on a car seat, with bulettes: a, b, c, d.

  • a Put on a wide elastic strap on the back of the car seat
  • b Lower the wide elastic strap to the seat level of the car seat
  • c Using the height adjustment on the belt number 1 and number 2, install the corrector on the lumbar zone
  • d Secure the upper belts behind the headrest using the latches No. 1 and No. 2
Posture corrector with packaging, says that this is a good idea for a gift.
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