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  • 100% Cotton
  • Imported
  • This is made-to-measure custom service charges pricing adjuster in order to meet the total custom fees. Custom orders don't accept return and refund, unless product defective issue
  • 8 HEADINGS: Antique bronze Grommet, Nickel Grommet, Rod Pocket, Back Tab, Tab Top, Flat Hook, Pinch Pleat, Goblet. Click \"ChadMade\", visit \"Help\" section to learn more about heading introduction
  • SIZE CUSTOMIZED: The curtain size means the SINGLE curtain size, not the track or pole size. Customer decide the curtain wide size, considering fullness and folding. Click \"ChadMade\", visit \"Help\" section to learn more on MEASUREMENT
  • LINING OPTIONS: 1) White cotton 105gsm privacy lining to enhance weight; 2) 97% Blackout lining; 3) Thermal blackout lining 200gsm microfiber with white foam coated. Click \"ChadMade\", visit \"Help\" section to learn more on lining information
  • LEADTIME: Normally need 3-7 days tailoring and 4-10 days international express delivery

Product Description

Fabric Swatches Order:

Please order ASIN B01GUZAHPG @ 29.99. We may ship 5 fabric swatches per shipment order. This amount could be deducted from your formal custom order, if order amount is over USD299. We handle refund after your formal order is shipped.

How To Place Custom-Made Order:

Click contact seller ChadMade and advise us following information to get quote firstly, then you will be provided with special link to create order.

1. Header: Nickel Grommet, Antique Bronze Grommet, Tab Top, Rod Pocket, Goblet, Pinch Pleated, Back Tab, Flat Hooks.

2. Single Panel Width and Length: __ inch.

Measure your rod or track length to decide curtain width. Normally curtain width need to be 1.1X-2X wider than rod or track length for fullness.

3. Lining type or unlined.

Privacy Lining (90 gsm white cotton polyester);

Blackout Lining (140 gsm weight, white);

Thermal blackout lining ( 220 gsm white microfiber with foam coated).

4. Curtain Tieback: No or Yes (standard size 3x18 inches).

5. Quantity.

To know more information for heading technique, lining, measuring guide etc, please click "ChadMade" to visit store section of "More".

Measure Drapery Width

Width Measure

Measure Drapery Length

measure length
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