Berkel Home Line 200 Food Slicer/Black/8" Blade/Electric, Luxury, Premium, Food Slicer/Slices Prosciutto, Meat, Cold Cuts, Fish, Ham, Cheese, Bread, Fruit and Veggies/Adjustable Thickness Dial/Kitchen

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Product Description

Berkel Premium Food Slicers, Cutlery, and Champagne Sabres are innovative, durable and reliable…they are perfection. Red. Since 1898.

Berkel Home Line 200, 8" Blade, Electric Food Slicer, Black Color

Home line 200 electric food slicer for home use slices prosciutto, vegetables, fruits, cold cuts

Home Line 200 Electric Food Slicer, Black


  • The classic Berkel will add a pop to your kitchen, the perfect small kitchen accessory
  • The originality of the Home Line 200 lies in its innovative design: essential and rounded lines define almost futurist contours
  • The chrome-plated steel blade of Home Line electric food slicer ensures the perfect cut, uniform slices, and reduced waste. Inclined table for amazing results
  • Choose between two different Berkel Home Line models: Home Line 200 (8" Blade), Home Line 250 (10" Blade). Choose between two colors: Red and Black
Home line 200 electric food slicer black color home line 250 electric food slicer slices prosciutto fruits and vegetables red line 220 electric food slicer slices prosciutto ham cold cuts veggies and fruits red line 250 electric food slicer red line 300 electric food slicer
Home Line 200, 8" Blade Berkel Electric Food Slicer Home Line 250, 10" Berkel Blade Electric Food Slicer Red Line 220, 9" Blade Berkel Electric Food Slicer Red Line 250, 10" Blade Berkel Electric Food Slicer Red Line 300, 12" Blade Berkel Electric Food Slicer
MODEL NAME Home Line 200 Home Line 250 Red Line 220 Red Line 250 Red Line 300
DIMENSIONS 18 x 12 x 11h in 22 x 13 x 12h in 19 x 20 x 15h in 20 x 20 x 16h in 25 x 20 x 19h in
CIRCULAR CUTTING CAPACITY 5 in 7 in 6 in 7 in 9 in
RECTANGULAR CUTTING CAPACITY 8 x 5 in 8 x 7 in 7 x 6 in 7 x 7 in 8 x 9 in
BLADE DIAMETER 8 in 10 in 9 in 10 in 12 in
MOTOR RATING 0,19 kW 0,19 kW 0,21 kW 0,21 kW 0,31 kW
WEIGHT 26 lb 33 lb 48 lb 48 lb 59 lb
AVAILABLE IN COLORS Red, Black Red, Black Red, Black, White Red, Black, White Red, Black, White
home line 200 black


  • Special removable cord for versatile use
  • Magnetic deflector included in the package
  • Special aluminum alloy structure
  • Food grade aluminum blade cover
  • Chromed steel blade with professional profile: reduces waste and ensures even slices
  • Professional motor for amazing results
  • Slices up to 20 mm with millimeter accuracy
  • Blade cover can easily be removed thanks to an automatic blade cover removal system
  • Inclined table for effortless cutting
  • Professional push-button panel with LED indicators
  • Perfectly simple, fast cleaning
  • Space for the collection of small pieces of food scrap
  • The table can be opened for cleaning
  • Removable, dishwasher-safe product press holder
home line 200 electric food slicer, slices veggies, fruits, cold cuts, proscitto

Accessories for Home Line 200

  • Cutting Board for Home Line 200
  • Blade Extractor for Home Line 200
  • Sharpener System for Home 200-250
  • Slicer Cover size Small
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