GRASS FED ORGANIC - #1 Tasting Whey Protein Powder Best Tasting - Best Natural GMO Free, Undenatured, Gluten Free Concentrate (Not Isolate) - Great in Shakes for Weight Loss and Building Muscle

Product Description

The Best Organic Whey
Minimally processed, hormone-free, and undenatured, your purchase of this premium whey protein supports small family farmers and organic farming in America.

Certified Organic
- 22 Grams Protein
- rBGH-Hormone Free
- Low Temperature Processed
- GMO Free
- Gluten Free & Cold-filtered (non-denatured)
- Organic 100% Grass-Fed Milk from Small Family Farms

100% Grass Fed Whey Protein
This premium whey protein comes from the milk of grass fed cows. Cold-processing produces a non-denatured whey protein with superior bioavailability and an unsurpassed amino acid profile, containing naturally occurring immuno- globulins, lactoferrin, CLAs and growth factors. This is not a vegan, hemp, or soy protein. This is a vegetarian source.

Our grass-fed whey has a creamy, rich, delicious texture you'll love and mixes instantly in any liquid. Use it to for bodybuilding, Cross Fit, or any other exercise to grow your muscles naturally. Add muscle naturally!

How Do We Compare to Others?
Like other whey protein companies, we source the highest quality whey that we can find. We take the additional step of sourcing only organic whey protein from California, which has an unusually favorable climate to enable cows to pasture and eat vitamin and mineral rich grass all year round. We think that gives our whey an exceptionally creamy, delicious taste. Try it for yourself, we know you'll love it! Order today by clicking the add to cart above. Thank you for supporting our organic family farmers!

Best Selling
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