Custom Logo Wood Branding Iron,Durable Leather Branding Iron Stamp,BBQ Heat Stamp Including The Handle (1"x1")
  • Still worried about not being able to find a pattern? We Custom Logo Wood Branding Iron all sell and accept customized pattern services Make your own head logo into a metal mold, which can leave permanent traces on the forehead Perfect for branding on wood, leather, plastic,paper and more. Perfect gift for woodworkers, wood craft man or wedding coupon as unique present
  • Please provide black & white JPG of signature, logo or image after purchasing.(if you need the same design as the pic as shown,please contact Our)
  • Our Branding Iron for Wood leather Tool Easy to use, Only takes a few minutes above open flame and then brand on the material you like
  • Wood Branding Iron High quality,thick brass and easy to use. 1 inch to burn on the fire (50S-60S) to chronograph, 2 inches to be baked on the fire 70S-80 seconds, each person's fire is not the same, so it is recommended to burn 50 seconds 3cm
  • NOTO: Our products are made according to the picture ratio, to ensure that the longest side reaches the required length [Privacy Policy,Delivered Time] - Arokimi, Registered trademark protected by Amazon.Our customized service is hosted on AMAZON. They provide us with the online e-commerce platform that allows us to sell our products and services to you. Customized DIY Wood Branding Iron orders usually take 8 to 15 days to be delivered,Production time 2-4 days, Shipping time 10-20 days
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Custom Logo Wood Branding Iron,Durable Leather Branding Iron Stamp,BBQ Heat Stamp Including The Handle (1"x1")
Custom Logo Wood Branding Iron,Durable Leather Branding Iron Stamp,BBQ Heat Stamp Including The Handle (1"x1")


Product Description

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Who Are We?

Who Are We?

Branding Irons Arokimi was established by a husband and wife team, BruceHuang & Grace Zhang, as a division of their first company, AIMOADO Stamps, Inc. Within a couple of years of AIMOADO Stamps, Inc.’s inception, the couple realized how great the demand was for branding irons too and, together, As you know, we got married in 2016. Due to the pandemic of the disease in 2020, The factory has never stopped working. In order to create job opportunities for more people, we expanded our enrollment this year.. 100 technical employees. we decided to open Branding Irons Arokimi.turned both Infinity AIMOADO and Branding Irons Arokimi into Innovative business.

Project your best image with a Branding Irons Arokimi product. Our experienced graphic designers will optimize your artwork to ensure clear, readable marks based on your selected surface. Our CNC manufacturing process will translate your design into a branding iron with unmatched clarity. Because your brand is more than a label;

Some materials respond better to being stamped with metal stamps.AIMOADO Stamps, our parent company, is located in the same facility to provide you with products and assistance for your metal stamping needs! This is only one of many services we offer that sets us apart from the rest!

Finished product branding effect display

What is Unique about Our Branding Irons?

We produce and offer a wide range of branding heads and equipment for different applications per our customers’ specifications. It all takes place right here in our facility in Colorado, USA. We use only quality metals such as brass and stainless steel. Every single branding head we make starts with an optimal proof our Graphics Department prepares, compatible with our state-of-the-art CNC equipment. We pay close attention to detail from start to finish, ensuring that our branding heads have highly defined logos, designs and text that support clear branded marks. We offer flame heated and electric branding irons and temperature control units as well as accessories for purchase online. We also have packages you can personalize and purchase on this site.

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1 Contraband and limited items:
Clgarette,Alcohol,Contraband ?Do not accept
Liquid,cream or cosmetics items are quantity limited in shopping agent service
Chinese medicine is limited to ship by Chinese exporting goods.
2 Limitation for different shipping methods:
3 Yoybuy Product's Label:
Sensitive Product(SEN)
Product With battery
Dangerous Products
4 Volume weight Requested:
volume weight=length*height*Width/5000
one side must be less than 120cm,otherwise there is additional fee;250cm products can not be accept;
Any side must be less than 60cm,otherwise you will be charged the greater one between real weight and volume weight,more than 120cm will be not accepted.
After Sale Service:
1 Insurance Policy: Learn more
2 The rules apply and summit for receive compensation
3 The conditions of accrual for amount insurance
3 The conditions of accrual for amount insurance
5 Damage to the parcel during international shipping, which resulted in damage to the goods in it
6 Loss of individual goods under international shipment The absence individual goods in the parcel
7 Non-compliance individual goods in color, size, complications Damage to the goods during international shipment
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